Blue Cross Blue Shield for Substance Abuse Treatment

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Most insurance carriers now provide coverage for members to seek substance abuse treatment. Blue Cross Blue Shield is no different. If you’re insured through a workplace or private policy, call your representative and ask about drug and alcohol addiction treatment coverage. When you’re struggling with a chronic disease, such as chemical dependency, it’s vital to reach out for help. There are people out there waiting to extend a helping hand. Additionally, there are many options for payment. In fact, Blue Cross Blue Shield substance abuse treatment is often one of the best medical care plans available. It may pay for the bulk of outpatient care, but you have to enroll in a program that’s covered by the carrier. If you’re unsure, contact Symetria Recovery for insurance verification. We may be able to get you into a substance abuse treatment program right away.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Treatment

Once your Blue Cross Blue Shield substance abuse treatment has been verified, you may begin recovery. Often, this initial step is the most difficult one to take. But once you turn your treatment over to professionals at Symetria Recovery, you’ll find immediate relief. It’s empowering to know someone else cares and wants the best for you. Additionally, it’s good to know you have someone there to help with the bills as well. In fact, your insurance carrier may help more than you realize. For example, you may have coverage for:
  • Transportation to and from therapy
  • Medications prescribed by your doctors
  • Medical equipment you need at home, such as a glucose monitor
  • Workbooks needed for therapy
  • Classes in meditation or mindfulness
There are many approaches to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Consequently, if you need supplies to participate in training activities such as anger or stress management, they may be covered by insurance as well.

Making the Most of Your Rehab Insurance

To make the most of your rehab insurance, make sure you understand everything it covers. Is there an in-network or out-of-network clause? If so, you may pay more out-of-pocket by choosing a care provider that’s not in your network. Some insurance plans will also pay for a room in a residential facility, but only if it’s a shared room. It’s important to have a keen understanding of what is and isn’t covered as far as drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In this way, you’ll be better able to relax and focus on getting better without worrying about the possibility of receiving a big bill at the end.

How Symetria Recovery Can Help

For patients in Texas and Illinois or the surrounding areas, Symetria Recovery is an excellent choice for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. With multiple locations throughout Chicagoland, we’re the convenient option for behavioral healthcare nearby. Additionally, we’re fully staffed by experienced and professional clinicians who care about the patients they treat. Symetria Recovery accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab insurance, along with multiple other insurance carriers. As a result, much of the cost of your recovery may be covered. If you’re unsure, call us today to verify your insurance, and we may be able to get you into treatment the same day.

Take the First Step in Treatment by Contacting Symetria Recovery

When you’re ready to change your life for the better, reach out to Symetria Recovery and inquire about our innovative outpatient care plan for drug and alcohol addiction. We want to see you succeed. Therefore, we’ll provide the support, therapy, and counseling needed. You just need to bring the desire for change. Call us today at [Direct] for more information on all we have to offer in addiction recovery. You can also visit us online for a list of our services. We’re ready to help you reach your goals. Take the first step and contact Symetria Recovery today.

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Symetria has addiction treatment clinics across Illinois and Texas. You can likely get scheduled TODAY — medications or therapy.