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88% of our patients recover from opioids.

The Symetria Method is data-backed science for sustainable long-term recovery. For you, for good.

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How Our Patients Feel

“If I ever need anything, I can ask anyone here, not just my counselor.  They all work together as a beautiful team.  And the fact that there’s no judgement is the absolute best thing about this place.”

- Sami

“If I hadn’t come to Symetria I never would have recovered.”

- Donna

“There was no judgement.  The staff made me feel like I’m somebody.”

- Michael

“The counselors have actually let me take part in my recovery.”

- Kevin

“There’s a whole better way and Symetria is the answer.”

- Delores

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I don’t want to be in pain

And, you shouldn’t be. You are assigned a team of recovery specialists for all your physical, behavioral and mental health needs under one roof. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) or Medication Assisted Recovery (MAR) is part of this.

  • Each recovery plan is uniquely designed for you
  • We don’t expect you to do all the work
  • We understand why you relapsed and may relapse on your journey to full recovery

Stop feeling sick, tired or unworthy

This is all about you. No judgement, no stigma, no pain. Get your personalized care team now.

For immediate assistance
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Have a few more questions?

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The Symetria Method is Outpatient
You should not have to uproot your entire life to treat substance use.
We meet your specific physical, social, emotional and behavioral needs where you are.
You can be seen within 24 hours. Often, same day and your pain will be addressed quickly.
Call us 24/7
Your medications and therapies (individual, family, group and peer) are all under one roof.
Worried about paying? Commercial insurance providers are available. We also provide sliding scale self-pay.

Veterans Specialty Recovery Services Address the Needs of America’s Best

Successful substance use recovery treatment must include the care of the whole person.

Learn More

The Symetria Method is the only data proven system with 13x greater reduction of opioid use in published studies* READ MORE >>

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a methadone clinic?
We do offer methadone as part of our medication assisted treatment, but also offer much more than a typical clinic. We combine behavioral and mental health services with medication assisted treatment to ensure the best chance for successful recovery.
Are you inpatient?
We offer treatment in an outpatient setting. We don’t believe you should uproot your entire life to treat a substance use disorder; recovery can be achieved in an outpatient setting specifically designed to address your unique history, makeup and circumstance.
Do you write prescriptions for Suboxone?
We do not write prescriptions, rather, we dispense medications in our clinics. This helps our staff be mindful of how each patient is responding to the medication and helps customize treatment for each individual patient.
Can I just get the medications without doing the counseling?
Our patients are required to meet with their counselor at least once a month. This ensures that we are tackling the substance abuse from all angles and results in far higher success rates.
Do I have to go all 3x a week for IOP?
Initially, yes. As you progress through the program you may graduate to Aftercare, where you come in less, but to begin you must attend all 3 days. To know you best, and treat your unique needs, this method is proven.
How long does your program last?
The timeframe for treatment is completely individualized and decided upon between the patient and their treatment team. The patient’s needs and progress are frequently reassessed so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your treatment.