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Whether Symetria is your first (and last) treatment center, or you’ve spent decades in and out of other facilities…here’s proof you can stay healthy.

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In my life before recovery, I was a slave to the drugs. I was only concerned about drugs and the next time I was going to get them. I lost relationships with my family, friends, finances. Everything was taken from me.

Prior to Symetria, I thought I could have my own rehab at home and handle it on my own. I tried so many times. But, by noon every day I was using.

Symetria has everything — wonderful counselors, wonderful doctors, wonder psychiatrists. And, everyone is in it for your best interest. I still struggle some days to wake up and find the motivation to stay clean. But, Symetria is there for me. They listen to me. They talk to me. Give me tips. They never judge. For anyone thinking about coming here, just do it.

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