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“I came in just looking for meds because they could get me in right away. That was almost a year ago, and I’ve stayed clean ever since. These people and how much they care will change your life.” 

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No Judgment

You're treated like a person, not a label or a number. You're not kicked to the curb if you relapse. And, you'll feel the love every time you walk in.

Success Rates 2x Higher Than Other Drug Rehabs

According to Harvard-led statisticians, you’re almost twice as likely to be healthy a year from now compared to other addiction treatment centers across the state.

Fast Access to Meds

On-site pharmacy for Suboxone & methadone to feel better right away — often with same-day appointments & help with transportation.

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Feel Happy Again

Affordable Addiction Treatment That Meets You Where You’re At​

Yes, Treatment Here Can Help You

Even if you’re only looking for Suboxone, methadone or IOP, you have access to anything you need to find happiness again — including unlimited therapy, relapse prevention & medications for issues like depression or anxiety. All you have to do is show up, be open and keep showing up!

Yes, Treatment Here Is Covered By Insurance

We're in-network with nearly all insurance companies, which keeps your cost (if any) as low as possible.

Get answers about your insurance policy now without anyone knowing that you inquired.

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Pick the Program That Works for You

“They offer so much more than other places – IOP, MAT, therapy. And, they do it with kind encouragement versus forcing things down our throats.”

Suboxone Doctors

Live without feeling sick, high or constantly distracted with drug use. The pharmacy is on-site for both opioid detox and long-term craving maintenance.

Methadone Clinic

If Suboxone doesn't work for you, the stabilization and accountability of methadone can help with little to no wait times. Its nothing like other methadone clinics.

IOP Program - Intensive Outpatient Program

Group therapy sessions held three times per week while you live at home have shown to be as effective as going away to inpatient rehab. Get accountability and learn to manage unhelpful thoughts.

Unlimited Addiction Therapy

Talk honestly about what's going on and get advice that actually helps you from a Master's-level therapist that truly cares — sessions when you're ready and whenever you need.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Diagnose and treat any mental health issue keeping you in unhealthy cycles — including CBT or trauma therapies, as well as medications like an antidepressant, antianxiety or sleep aid.

You're Not Alone

Are You Looking For Help That Actually Helps You?

The team here understands what you’re going through. Not just from their fancy degrees (which they have), but because they’ve lived it too. 

You get their full attention with staff-to-patient ratios way better than industry standards. And, we actually listen. If you just want Suboxone, meet with the Suboxone doctor. If you’re looking for IOP, start group right away. Simply listening to patients and following the science is why people that come here actually end up happy and healthy long-term.

From the Hurst Clinic

Addiction Questions and Answers

There aren’t many options for Suboxone, Vivitrol or methadone in Hurst. But, compared to clinics in general Symetria does things differently. You don’t have long waits or rundown rooms. Most importantly, you aren’t judged. It’s not about lying your way through sessions and checking boxes. Your treatment is your treatment. You’re treated like a person, not a number. And, given access to all medications and therapies that are backed by research.

It is highly unlikely to overdose on just Suboxone. The medication has a built-in “ceiling effect” to limit how much the opioid receptors are activated. But, mixing Suboxone with benzodiazepines like Xanax can be fatal. Benzos should never be taken while on Suboxone. 

The medical team isn’t here to judge. Be honest with them to understand any risks. For example, taking Suboxone on methadone can cause withdrawal symptoms. And, methadone can make HIV medications less effective. The doctor will talk you through any medications relevant to you.

In general, do not mix methadone with medications like Ambien or benzodiazepines (benzos include Xanax, Ativan or Klonopin) that slow your central nervous system. This interaction can cause fatal breathing problems.

If you live in Hurst, we can help arrange transportation through Uber Health rides or bus routes, but there are details to discuss before we get to the free rides. Explain your situation when you call, and we’ll figure out how to help you access treatment.

IOP is a great option if you’re just noticing an addiction issue. Or, if you’re coming directly from inpatient rehab, relapsed after months/years of sobriety or if you’ve been in and out of several treatment programs.

Rehab is a good option if you’re struggling with more severe co-occurring issues (like psychosis or active suicidal thoughts) or if you’re trying an IOP program but are not finding success.   

See article: IOP vs. Rehab

You probably have more leverage than you think. Try gathering 3-5 other people that support the idea of treatment and approach your loved one together with care and concern (not anger or frustration). You can even call ahead of time so they can get in the same day. 

Unlike inpatient rehabs, the clinic is not a big ask. The goal is simply to get them to show up.

The Hurst addiction treatment clinic is off West Harwood Road between Grapevine Highway (26 Boulevard) and the Texas 183 Texpress. Tarrant County College and the Private & Campus bus stop are 0.8 mils away. The Hurst clinic is the only Symetria location in Tarrant County, surrounded by Bedford, Colleyville and North Richland Hills near you now.

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Admissions Hours
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Clinic Hours
Weekdays 6AM-2PM
Saturday 7AM-8:30AM
IOP Program Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30AM-12:30PM

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