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The Best Drug Rehab Clinic in Arlington

“Life-changing place that treats you with dignity and respect. I had the most eye-opening conversations with the doctor. My therapist is also amazing!! You can feel the care she has for you as a person.”

Sean C.
Jessica L.
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Suboxone Clinic

Stop opioid withdrawals and cravings as detox or long-term maintenance

Methadone Clinic

Feel better today with no rushed staff, long lines or arbitrary rules

Vivitrol Injections

Non-addictive monthly shot to stop alcohol and drug cravings


Get intensive therapy that’s as effective as rehab while living at home 

Unlimited 1:1 Therapy

Talk honestly with a Master’s-level therapist who truly cares about you

Mental Health Treatment

Treat underlying issues like depression, anxiety or trauma too

Addiction Treatment Options That Meet You Where You're At

Feel Happy Again

You Don't Have To Struggle with Drugs or Alcohol Alone​​

Our state-of-the-art rehab clinic helps you comfortably detox and curb drug cravings long-term. But, even if you’re not feeling 100% ready or there’s a slip, that’s OK here too.

Unlike other rehabs, our goal is not to police you. The goal is simply for you to feel happier. (After all, no one feels truly happy when drugs or alcohol take over). The better you feel, change becomes easier and more sustainable.

You will never feel pressured, judged or overwhelmed at the Arlington clinic.

Arlington Rehab Clinic Building
Drug Detox and Thearpy Room
Arlington IOP Program Group Room
Let's start with a friendly conversation to see if we’d be a good fit : )

Yes, Treatment Here Works (Even If You've Tried Before)

The Arlington facilities are brand new, but the treatment model has been proven by 43 medical professionals working over 17 years at 12 other locations. In fact, Harvard statisticians found that people who choose Symetria are nearly 2x more likely to get and stay healthy.

Chance M.

Chance M.


Life-changing place that treats you with dignity and respect. I’ve had the most eye-opening conversations with the doctor. My therapist is also amazing!! You can feel the care she has for you as a person.

Douglass B.


Symetria saved my life, plain and simple…I would not be where I am today without the counselors and nurses that listened to me when I was at my worst.


Jennifer B.


What a relief! I felt extremely welcome and given a secure plan. You will not regret this choice!

Jessica L.

Jessica L.


This has to be the best clinic on the planet!!! It makes everything easier when you have amazing people welcoming you every time you come in!

Sean C.

Sean C.


Absolutely amazing, provided everything I needed to help me better – they truly care and went above and beyond to help me in every way possible out of the kindness of their heart. This is the best place and i thank god I was able to meet these amazing people💯

Wes N.

Wes N.


I’ve got my life back!!! I didn’t think that was going to be possible. It’s time for you to trust somebody. God Bless You and Everybody at Symetria.

Jess L.

Jess L.


The nurse is so sweet and caring. She always greets me with a smile and helps with any concerns I have. The doctor, receptionist and program director have all helped me as well and are always SO nice. Thank you for making things easy!

David B.

David B.


I wish I didn’t have to be here but they make it a place that feels like home like a family atmosphere. I can tell that they want the best for me.

Alrington Alternate Clinics


The Arlington rehab clinic is located to the south of the city between the 303 and Vendergriff Park. The addiction treatment clinic is less than 2 miles south of The University of Texas at Arlington and 5 miles south of the AT&T Stadium. There are two other Symetria locations in Tarrant County and 4 total in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. 

Public Transit to the Arlington Clinic

Via Arlington app is the best way to get to the clinic from anywhere in the city. Free Uber Health rides may also be available when you call.
Opening Hours

Admissions: Daily 24/7 (call any time)
Dosing Hours Monday-Friday: 6AM-2PM
Dosing Hours Saturday: 7AM-8:30AM
IOP Group: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30AM-12:30PM

Narcotic Treatment Program Number: 1000093                  Texas OTP Licensure Number: TX-10290-M

Common Questions About Methadone, Suboxone & The Arlington Rehab

Methadone can only be prescribed by a methadone clinic with an official Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) licensure. The medication is not available at pharmacies or through telehealth.

It may feel hard to believe now, but patients here actually look forward to coming into the clinic. Patients have control over how often they need to come in and how long their methadone treatment should last.

Your next step to getting methadone is simply to make the call. Same-day appointments are usually available and medication is usually dosed on the first appointment. 

Most doctors prescribing Suboxone have an X-Waier, though it is no longer a requirement. Because of extra regulations, it is not unusual for Suboxone to be delayed or denied at pharmacies, especially the national chains.

Symetria has an on-site pharmacy. You do not have to go anywhere to pick up your medication. Suboxone is given to you while you visit the doctor here.

Your next step is just to make the call. 

Vivitrol is always administered by a medical professional in-office. It is an injection of naltrexone that is only given monthly.

Naltrexone pills are an alternative that is more likely to be low or even no cost on many insurance plans. At Symetria, the pharmacy is on-site, so oral Naltrexone is also given to you during your appointment.

If you’re struggling with alcohol, your next step to getting either of these medications it to call to get scheduled. 

The first step is a simple phone call to see if our IOP is a good fit and to get scheduled. The call can be as short as 2 minutes, or you can talk as long as you need to get your questions answered.

The first appointment is a medical and mental health assessment. It might sound boring, but the baseline gives you and your team insight into how to help you feel better quickly. It also ensures insurance covers your IOP.

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Let's start with a friendly conversation to see if we’d be a good fit : )

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