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Affordable Rehab That Works

Why 3,550+ People in Illinois Chose Rehab Here

Rehab Here Works

Harvard statisticians found that you’re 80% more likely to be sober in two years compared to any other rehab!

Rehab Here is Personal

Get anti-craving medication or family counseling sessions (or don’t). Get as much one-on-one therapy as you need. It's unlimited. Treatment is actually about you here. We listen.

Rehab Here is Affordable

Much less than inpatient options and in-network with all major health insurances in the state like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Humana, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare and Magellan.

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Did you Know?

Studies Show Outpatient Rehab Can Work Better Than Inpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab is recommended by all major heath organizations - including WHO, the CDC and Illinois Department of Human Services. Study-after-study shows outpatient treatment is effective.

You have support when triggers happen.

Inpatient rehab cuts you off from your life for weeks, then expects you to cope without any support when you go back. That’s why 40-60% of people go back to using within 6 months after inpatient rehab ends. Here, 89% of patients still aren't using two years later. It really works.

You get comprehensive treatment.

The science is clear. To stay sober, you need to address both the physical and mental components of addiction. You also need diagnosis and treatment for underlying issues - like trauma or depression. Treatment here follows the science, applied with love and without judgment.

People Want to Continue Treatment

Inpatient rehab 30-day stays isn’t enough, but it’s also too long to miss out on your life. When you come in, you’ll understand why patients keep coming back. Some for 6 months. Others for 2 years. Get all the support you need until you really can handle it on your own.

Compare Your Rehab Options

Doing Nothing

Continue to Live in Addiction
  • Lose Out on Good Things
  • Feel Sick
  • Addiction is Expensive
  • You Can't "Just Stop"

Symetria Outpatient

Live Your Life While You Work to Save It
  • Keep Your Home Life
  • Anti-Craving Medications
  • Programs Are Affordable
  • Only 11% Return to Using

Inpatient Rehab

Live On-Campus for Treatment
  • Can't Keep Your Home Life
  • Usually No Medication
  • Programs Are Expensive
  • 40-60% Return to Using

Everything You Need to Stay Well

How The Symetria Method® for Rehab Works

All you have to do is show up. You have access to all evidence-based medications AND therapies here, until you find what works for you and you got this on your own.

First Rehab Appointment

You get anti-craving medications to feel better right away if you’re struggling with withdrawals or ready for Vivitrol. You can stay on medications or make a plan to get off.

If you’re struggling with issues like depression, anxiety or sleep, you can meet with the psychiatrist.

You have your first one-on-one counseling session to talk honestly about what’s going on. There’s no judgment, so no need to lie your way through. 

You set a schedule for further group and one-on-one therapies.

Your first appointment usually takes a few hours, but can is also up to how quick or in-depth you want to go on day one.

Outpatient Rehab Appointments

Check in with the medical team to ensure you find the right medications or combination of medications that work for you.

Includes anti-cravings for addiction, as well as mental health medications that help rebalance the brain like antidepressants. 

Therapy is unlimited. Come in whenever you’re feeling triggered and bring family if you need to resolve tension.

Attend group therapy with morning and evening options to accommodate work schedules. 

Stay a patient as long as you want. Most people are still coming in at least once a month nine months later, but there’s no rules on commitment.

Rehab Near Me

Rehabs in Illinois

Symetria has six rehab locations throughout Illinois. If you live in the highest-population areas of the Midwest prairie state, there is an Illinois rehab near you now.

Get Answers Now

Rehab Questions

Outpatient rehab offers all the same treatments as inpatient rehab while you live at home. You get medications to stop withdrawals and feel better right away. You meet with a therapist one-on-one and in a group. And, at Symetria, you get dual-diagnosis. So, related mental health issues are treated here too including antidepressants or trauma therapy. Study-after-study shows outpatient rehab is just as effective as inpatient rehab. Our data shows treatment is 80% more effective than going anywhere else.
It costs much less here than inpatient rehab 🙂 But, there are too many factors to give one static price. Most patients use health insurance. Each insurance policy sets its own deductible, co-insurance and out-of-pocket rates that impact what you pay. For self-pay, it depends on what services and payment schedule you’re comfortable with.

Only 30 days of inpatient rehab are covered by most insurances. That’s not enough, yet also too long to miss out on your life.

It’s different here. Most patients are still checking in nine months later, while living (and improving) their lives. Over time, you need less support. Stay in the program as long as you want and reach out whenever you’re feeling triggered.

Unlike 34 other states, Illinois doesn’t have an involuntary commitment law for the courts to force someone to alcohol or drug rehab. But, you can keep suggesting with love that they seek help. Most people are open to trying our outpatient rehab because they get medications to feel better right away and don’t have to commit to going away for weeks.

Using medication in substance abuse treatment is recommended by all major health organizations.

Anti-craving medications make saying no so much easier – from Vivitrol or Suboxone to non-addictive “off-label” medications with promising research (like Baclofen or Ondansetron).

  • Stops the brain from triggering cravings
  • Blocks the “high” if drugs or alcohol are used

Psychiatric meditations
stabilize other chemical imbalances in your brain including antidepressants, antianxiety medications, mood stabilizers or sleep regulating medications.

  • Helps the 75%+ of patients with a “co-occurring” issues stay on track
  • Keeps you from hitting lows that trigger relapse
Yes. Though, drug testing here is a measure of how our treatments are working. You’re never kicked out for testing positive on a drug test. You can feel comfortable talking honestly about what’s going on until you have the support you need to stay sober.

Last year nearly 50,000 people in Illinois received treatment for drugs or alcohol. Heroin and alcohol we the top drugs of choice, but marijuana, amphetamines and cocaine are also on the list. According to SAMHSA, there are 704 registered substance use programs in Illinois and more than 3,000 overdose deaths. Clearly, if you’re struggling in Illinois, you’re not alone. And, there’s no shame in getting help!

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