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The Best Drug Rehab Clinic in Naperville

“I was in bad shape, but this place scheduled me quick. To this day they treat me like family when everywhere else treated me like a number.” 

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Daniel Berndt
Nicole Balo
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Stop opioid withdrawals and cravings as detox or long-term maintenance


Feel better today with no rushed staff, long lines or arbitrary rules


Non-addictive monthly shot to stop alcohol and drug cravings


Get intensive therapy that’s as effective as rehab while living at home 

Unlimited 1:1 Therapy

Talk honestly with a Master’s-level therapist who truly cares about you

Mental Health Treatment

Treat underlying issues like depression, anxiety or trauma too

Addiction Treatment Options That Meet You Where You're At

Feel Happy Again

You Don't Have To Struggle with Drugs or Alcohol Alone​

If you are specifically seeking Suboxone, Methadone or Vivitrol, you can schedule with the doctor to start right away. If you are only interested in therapy, meet only with the therapist — often the same day you call. Those uncertain about the best course of treatment can talk through your options during your initial appointment. 

You have open access to anything you need to feel happy, and you’re the center of attention while you’re here. Believe it or not, you’ll actually look forward to seeing your team.

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Yes, Treatment Here Works (Even If You've Tried Before)

Research from Harvard statisticians shows the likelihood of long-term sobriety for patients here is double that of other options. Patients are also highly satisfied with the process. Reviewers on Google unanimously rate the treatment here 5 stars.

Silvia S.

Silvia S.


I was in really bad shape and the Naperville clinic scheduled me in quick. They were so welcoming and did everything to help me succeed. To this day, they treat me like family when everywhere else treated me like a number.

Mel P.

Mel P.


 The doctor listens and so does the staff and will help in every way. Not a place that says “uh-huh, ok, yea” nodding their heads.

Harry T.

Harry T.


Everybody here wants you to succeed. I’ve been in the Suboxone program for two months and clean the whole time. It’s the first time in my life I’m able to say that.

Elsia S.

Elsie S.


Symetria has both the therapy and the meds. The staff treat you with respect and are always helpful and supporting.

Amanda K. - Methadone

Amanda K.


The best methadone clinic I’ve ever encountered. They’re kind and non-judgmental. Surprising because usually, money is the only concern for other clinics but not this place.

Christopher W.

Christopher W.


Symetria literally saved my life!! I struggled with bad opiate addiction but have been sober over 2 years with no relapse. 

Kara D.

Kara D.


Compared to other IOPs, Symetria was the most enjoyable. I felt completely safe and understood. The counselors were invested in knowing each patient personally. It was clear they truly cared.

Aimee C.

Aimee C.



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Rehab Clinic Near Me in Naperville

Naperville is the flagship location and the only clinic in DuPage County, covering the western Chicago suburbs, including Wheaton and Aurora, Illinois.

The Naperville clinic is located on the border of north Naperville and Warrenville, just south of Ronald Regan Memorial Tollway. The clinic is toward the end of Davis Parkway, near McDowell Grove and the Du Page River. 

Admissions Hours
Daily 24/7 (call any time)
Clinic Hours/Dosing Hours
IOP Program Hours
Evenings 5:30PM-8:30PM MON, TUES, THU
Mornings 9AM-12PM MON, WED, FRI
Outpatient Group 9AM-10:30AM TH & 5:30-7PM WED

Naperville Group Therapies (Optional for MAT Patients)
Evening IOP Program, Morning IOP Program, Non-Intensive Morning Group, Non-Intensive Evening Group, SMART Recovery, Virtual Options

What Is Suboxone, Methadone, Vivitrol & IOP Used For?

Suboxone (buprenorphine) is a medication used for the treatment of opioid dependence and addiction. Suboxone eases harsh opioid withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, muscle pain and sweating. It also prevents cravings, which can be intense when stopping opioids like heroin, fentanyl or prescription painkillers. Suboxone can be used for short-term detoxification or ongoing for years to deter relapse. The medication allows those dependent on opioids to function normally without feeling sick or high. 

Methadone is used to treat opiate addiction. Though, the medication is not always a first-choice medication for opiates and is not used for issues with alcohol or other drugs. It is a good option for those who have done well on it before or have not done well on Suboxone. It can also be a good choice for those wanting extra long-term accountability. Around 10% of opioid patients at the Naperville clinic choose methadone. 

Vivitrol (naltrexone) is a medication FDA-approved to treat both opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder. It’s non-addictive but patients must already be detoxed from alcohol or drugs to start Vivitrol. It works by reducing the mental urge to use, while also blocking the positive effects of alcohol or drugs to discourage relapse. The medication is given as a monthly shot. Symetria can perform genetic testing to determine if Vivitrol is likely to work for you. 

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol issues. Some patients come as their first (and often last) treatment experience. Others are coming directly from inpatient rehab or have been in and out of different treatment centers for years. These patients have plenty of knowledge, but IOP offers the support and accountability to apply the tools in real-life and really follow through on staying healthy. 

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