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The Best Drug Rehab Clinic in College Station

“I always feel like a priority with this clinic since DAY ONE when they got me in with medication right away to now eighteen months later. This is the only place that has helped me actually want to stay sober.”

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Kory O.
Danielle Abdelhamid
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Suboxone Clinic

Stop opioid withdrawals and cravings as detox or long-term maintenance

Methadone Clinic

Feel better today with no rushed staff, long lines or arbitrary rules

Vivitrol Injections

Non-addictive monthly shot to stop alcohol and drug cravings


Get intensive therapy that’s as effective as rehab while living at home 

Unlimited 1:1 Therapy

Talk honestly with a Master’s-level therapist who truly cares about you

Mental Health Treatment

Treat underlying issues like depression, anxiety or trauma too

Addiction Treatment Options That Meet You Where You're At

Feel Happy Again

You Don't Have To Struggle with Drugs or Alcohol Alone​​

Your treatment at the College Station clinic is all about you. We believe any step you take toward treatment is positive. It’s amazing how your life will change when you have access to support you can trust and people who believe in you.

Come in for Suboxone, Methadone or IOP. If you find yourself still struggling, talk to your team about adding therapy, medications or even mental health treatment. It’s anything you need to get better and stay better.

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Yes, Treatment Here Works (Even If You've Tried Before)

Harvard statisticians analyzed millions of insurance claims that found treatment at Symetria works better than any other option. It’s because patients actually enjoy the process. In fact, the College Station clinic doesn’t have a single negative review online. (Seriously, check Google).

Eduardo H.

Eduardo H.


I always feel like a priority with this clinic – from the first day when they got me in and got me meds right away to now eighteen months later. This is the only place that has helped me actually stay sober.

Stacy J.

Stacy J.


This clinic changed my life! They literally walk you through the steps rather than just feeding you medication. They do group therapy, one-on-one and always accommodate whatever you need.

Desteny R.

Desteny R.


Symetria Recovery saved my life! I’ve been in the IOP program and seeing the counselor for 2 years and can honestly say he helped me turn my life around! I learned so much on how to deal with my depression and my sobriety. 

Danielle Abdelhamid

Danielle A.


They were accommodating on every level. They took me seriously and showered me with support and love, as well as mutual honesty and respect.

Marty M.

Marty M.


 Suboxone treatment is the best thing ever in the recovery process and no company does it better. The doctor has a great attitude towards patients.

Denesia F.

DeNesia F.


The methadone clinic staff are attentive and compassionate with their patients. Very dedicated to make each clients experience the best.

Alicia B.

Alicia B.


From my very first conversation with their staff, I felt encouraged, welcomed but never pressured. They truly let you take the wheel, they just give you the map… and the car.

John D.

John D.


Super easy process, very clean and respectable place. The staff are extremely kind. They don’t push themselves or any agenda on you. They are simply there for you.

The Closest Clinics to College Station are in Houston

College Station Rehab Clinic Near Me

The College Station, TX clinic is just east of Highway 6 (Earl Rudder Freeway), across the street from St. Joseph Hospital. It’s less than 5 miles southeast of Texas A&M University toward Bachmann Park, north of College Station High School. Bryan, Texas is the closest Greyhound stop. The clinic in the Bryan-College Station metro area is the only Symetria location in Brazos county, in the center of the Texas Triangle.

College Station Hours

Admissions: Daily 24/7 (call any time)
Dosing Hours Monday: Friday: 6AM-1:30PM
Dosing Hours Saturday: 7AM-8:30AM
IOP Group: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00AM-12:15PM  SMART Recovery: Thursdays 3PM-4PM 

Licensed & Accredited: NTP1000076 / 288538

FAQs: IOP, Suboxone, Methadone & Recovery in College Station

Study-after-study shows outpatient drug rehab is as effective as inpatient rehab in keeping patients healthy long-term. In fact, Harvard statisticians found Symetria patients were 80% more likely to be sober 1-2 years later compared to other inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment centers across Texas.

You have virtual options for intake and therapy, but our pharmacy is on-site. You get your medications while you’re here with less wait time than a typical pharmacy and no issues with chain pharmacies not filling Suboxone prescriptions. You also have a place to turn if you need more support — including medications like antidepressants or sleep regulators.

People in the methadone program function normally. They are not high or sick. They take care of responsibilities like going to work without anyone knowing they are taking methadone. Your privacy is also protected by HIPPA. We aren’t able to confirm or deny if a specific person is a patient and, of course, give no details of medications or treatment progress. That said, there’s no shame in having the disease of addiction, and it’s a great thing that you’re seeking treatment! Support and accountability that comes from being honest with loved ones can save you years of suffering. Addiction thrives in isolation.

College Station (and other college towns) have a reputation for partying. It might feel impossible to stay sober or feel like life will be boring without drinking or using drugs. In reality, you’re missing out on so many good things with your mind constantly distracted. And, no one likes to feel sick or let people down. You don’t have to believe you’ll stay sober forever right now. You just have to show up. (And, keep showing up).

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