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“MAT and IOP really work in the recovery process, even if you’ve tried many times before like me. And, no company does this better than the Des Plaines clinic. Call them now and you can probably get in today.”

No Judgment

You're not kicked to the curb if you relapse, instead you're given extra support to get back on track. You'll feel the love every time you walk in.

Success Rates 80% Higher Than Any Other Treatment Option

According to Harvard-led statisticians, you're 80% more likely to stop abusing drugs and alcohol long-term with Symetria compared to any other clinic or rehab across the state.

A One-Stop Shop

You can get a diagnosis, therapy and medications (if needed) for related issues — like depression, anxiety, trauma or social isolation.​

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Quick, Easy Access to Affordable Addiction Treatment

Fast Access to Meds

On-site pharmacy and appointments usually within 24 hours

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Saturday, morning and evening services — plus transportation

Unlimited Support

Even if you're only looking for meds, therapies and relapse prevention are here when you're ready

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Trusted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Magellan, Humana, Cigna, United Healthcare + Many More

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Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Programs

“They offer so much more than other places – IOP, MAT, therapy. And, they do it with kind encouragement versus forcing things down our throats.”

Vivitrol Program

Game-changing, non-addictive monthly shot FDA-approved for alcohol or drug addiction to prevent cravings and makes drinking or using less rewarding.

Suboxone Program

Live without feeling sick, high or constantly distracted by opioid use disorder. On-site pharmacy for both withdrawal and long-term maintenance.

Methadone Program

If you have an opioid addiction and haven't been able to stay on track with Suboxone, the stabilization and accountability of methadone can help with little to no wait times here.

IOP - Intensive Outpatient Program

Group therapy sessions are held several times per week while you live at home. Research shows IOP can be just as effective as inpatient rehab. Get accountability and learn to cope with unhelpful thoughts.


Included with Any Program
Diagnose and treat other mental health issues that keep you locked in unhealthy cycles — including CBT or trauma therapies and medications like antidepressants, antianxieties or sleep regulators.

Unlimited Therapy

Included with Any Program
Finally talk honestly about what's going on — when you're ready and whenever you need.

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More Info on the Des Plaines Clinic

The Suboxone options in Des Plaines are limited. Symetria is the highest-rated and unlike any other MAT program in Cook County. There are no long lines, yet you can get in right away. There’s no judgment if you relapse. In fact, the care you get here will make you actually want to be honest and stay sober.

Yes, the doctor will detox you off drugs like heroin with Buprenorphine (the main ingredient in Suboxone). Buprenorphine is given on your first visit and stops withdrawal symptoms so you don’t feel “dope sick.”

The side effects of Methadone are nothing compared to opioid withdrawal. Methadone will make you feel much, much better.

Some patients experience stomach issues like nausea, vomiting and constipation. Dizziness, dry mouth, sleepiness and sweating are also possible. That said, patients say they feel “100% better” compared to living in addiction.

No, Vivitrol does not offer pain relief. In fact, the medication even blocks opioid medications like morphine, codeine or Oxycodone from providing pain relief. (Over-the-counter pain medications should still work like Ibuprofen or Tylenol). Not giving off pleasant effects (like blocking pain) makes Vivitrol non-addictive, which is a great quality for treating addiction.

Shockingly, your treatment here is about you. We actually listen and feel any step you take toward treatment is positive. It’s amazing how your life will change when you have access to support you can trust and people who believe in you.

Come in for Suboxone, Vivitrol, Methadone or IOP. If you find yourself still struggling, we can talk about adding therapy, medications or treatment for underlying issues like depression or trauma.

IOP groups are held mornings and evenings to work around your schedule. We recommend 3 sessions per week. That may seem intense, but certainly less commitment than going to inpatient rehab for 5 weeks.

 IOP GroupsSMART RecoveryFriends & Family
Tuesday5:30PM-8:30PM Noon-1:00PM

Admissions Hours
24/7 Every Day
Call Any Time

Clinic Hours
Monday 6AM-8:30PM (last dose at 5PM)
Tuesday 6AM-8:30PM (last dose at 7PM)
Wednesday 6AM-5PM (last dose at 5PM)
Thursday 6AM-8:30PM (last dose at 7PM)
Friday 6AM-2PM
Saturday 8:30AM-11AM

IOP Groups
Mornings Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9AM-Noon
Evenings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:30PM-8:30PM
Smart Recovery Thursday Noon-1PM
Friends & Family Tuesday Noon-1PM

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Symetria — Des Plaines Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic

The Des Plaines clinic is located in the Metropolitan Plaza near the Shop and Save. The Metro Square parking garage is across the street and the closed bus stop is 234 at Lee/Jefferson. Minor Street is the best exit off of the 294 tollway. Transportation can also be arranged to the Des Plaines clinic, if needed. The location is just west of the Des Plaines River and north of the O’Hare Airport. In-network with all major insurance companies in Illinois, including BCBS of IL, Magellan Health and Humana Insurance.

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