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Addiction Treatment: Medications + Therapies

There are five FDA-approved maintenance medications to treat addiction, as well as medications used off-label and in detox. All major health organizations recommend combining medications with talk therapy to treat substance abuse addiction. There are various inpatient and outpatient options for therapy.

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Handing out Methadone at Dosing Window

A Simple Guide to Methadone Dosing

The goal of methadone dosing is to reduce cravings and stop withdrawal symptoms without giving off the high. Dosages are constantly adjusted and monitored, per federal opioid treatment standards.

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IOP Group Room

What is an IOP program?

Unlike going away to inpatient rehab, IOP patients live at home. They come to the clinic 3-4 days a week for group and individual therapies.

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Staring at Clock in Opioid Withdrawal
Opioid Use Disorder

How Long Does Opioid Withdrawal Last?

While withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant and painful, they usually begin to improve within seventy-two hours. Within a week, there should be a significant decrease in acute symptoms.

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Measuring Suboxone Strip
Addiction Treatment

Tapering Off Suboxone

When tapering off Suboxone, some people experience withdrawal symptoms. The recommended schedules can be aggressive, but go slow to stay comfortable.

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