Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Lea McMahon LPC, EdD

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Lea McMahon LPC, EdD is a Licensed Professional Counselor in two states and a recognized leader in human psychology and addiction science. She is the Chief Clinical Officer at Symetria Recovery and an adjunct professor of psychology at Columbia College.


  • Clinical executive at Symetria Recovery — a nationally-recognized drug & alcohol treatment center with 12 locations across the country
  • 10 years as a licensed professional counselor in Texas and Louisiana specialized in substance use disorders
  • Adjunct professor of Psychology at Columbia College
  • Doctorate-level with 5 additional certifications from Duke Univeristy 
  • Rape Crisis Center volunteer of the year

Special Interests

Clinical Quality Assurance, Measurable Patient Outcomes, Alcohol Use Disorder, Family Therapy

News mentions

Dr. McMahon has 54 media mentions (and growing). Here are a few highlights.

Symetria's Medical Expert

Senior Medical Advisor​

Dr. Abid Nazeer MD, FASAM

Dr. Abid Nazeer is a practicing psychiatrist with double board certifications in both psychiatry and addiction medicine. He currently serves as the Senior Medical Advisor for Symetria Recovery with more than 13 years of thought leadership in psychiatric medicine.

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