Methadone Assisted
Opioid Rehab

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First, it helps to alleviate the otherwise uncomfortable symptoms associated with withdrawal, such as stomach cramping, chills, and insomnia. Once the patient has detoxified, methadone continues to facilitate recovery by keeping the patient’s cravings to a minimum.

Methadone is well-researched, and has also been shown to be effective in helping patients recover from opioid addiction and heroin addiction. It is one of several medications that may be administered to a patient as part of a course of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT is an essential part of any addiction recovery plan, because methadone and other medications, when used appropriately, reduce the risk that the patient will relapse due to drug cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

Why is the Symetria Method® Better than Traditional MAT

CEO Chris Hassan describes Symetria’s responsible approach to the use of medication in treatment

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Symetria Recovery’s success rate is 4x greater than the industry average.

After six months, 9 in 10 patients are having success in treatment.

Only 13% of patients returned to use of addictive substances at one year follow up.

99% of patients did not require admission to a higher level of care than we offer onsite.

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