Probuphine: What Happened To The Suboxone Implant?

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Probuphine is the brand name of an FDA-approved buprenorphine implant that was used in the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

Buprenorphine is the same medication found in Suboxone and many in the non-medical world referred to Probuphine as a “Suboxone implant”, which lasted for 6 months.

Is Probuphine still available?

No, Probuphine was discontinued by the manufacturer in October 2020.

Why was Probuphine discontinued?

The manufacturer states that the decision to discontinue Probuphine was not because of safety issues. Instead, due to difficulties in distribution and financial viability exacerbated by COVID-19.  The cost was significantly higher than Suboxone.

Is there another buprenorphine implant?

There is no buprenorphine implant available at the moment. Though, continuous-release buprenorphine is available in the form of a monthly injection – called Sublocade.

The most significant safety risk of continuous-release buprenorphine is overdose from opioids. Overdose can occur from addiction relapse, but also in emergency situations from anesthesias or pain medications.

What is the best alternative to Probuphine?

The best FDA-approved alternatives to Probuphine are:

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