What is a Suboxone Clinic?

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Suboxone clinics provide Suboxone medication to those struggling with opioid addiction. Suboxone helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms right away, and is also taken long-term to help with cravings and prevent relapse.

Suboxone clinics are:

(Also known as: Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs)

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What is a Suboxone Clinic like?

The first appointment is the longest to establish baseline vitals and time the medication based on the time of the last drug use. An initial appointment can take 2-3 and around an hour for all other appointments.

On your first appointment you:

  1. Check-in and meet with the medical team (~45 minutes)
  2. Get Suboxone (called an induction)
  3. Meet with a counselor 

Going to a Suboxone clinic isn’t scary. Here are actual photos of Symetria Suboxone clinic buildings, teams and offices:

How often to I have to go to the Suboxone clinic?

You’ll check in more regularly for the first few weeks. Then, you may only need to check in monthly, while you take the medication at home every day. The specifics depend on the clinic rules and patient progress. 

Some patients stay on Suboxone for years. You may consider talking to your medical team about tapering off Suboxone if you’re feeling confident after 6-12 months without abusing any opioids. 

Who prescribes Suboxone?

Doctors need specific authorization from the Department of Health & Human Services to provide Suboxone. The number of prescriptions an authorized doctor can write is monitored and limited. You can’t get Suboxone from a typical primary care physician. 

What are Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs)?

Suboxone clinics with an Opioid Treatment Program accreditation are able to provide the Suboxone directly at the clinic. 

Without this OTP license, the prescription is sent to a pharmacy. Pharmacies too often refuse to fill these prescriptions, which can be very frustrating. OTPs are also allowed to provide methadone (Methadose) or the buprenorphine implant (Probuphine).

What happens if you relapse?

Suboxone clinics do drug test. Some providers kick you out for a failed drug test. That’s not realistic and not what happens here. We’ll talk about any relapse together and get you any extra support you want.

Who goes to Suboxone clinics?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates 2.4 million Americans used Buprenorphine last year. (Buprenorphine is the active ingredient in Suboxone). 

Out of the three FDA-approved medications for opioid addiction, Suboxone offers the best combination of convivence, treatment acceptance and effectiveness. The use of buprenorphine increased by 125% over the last nine years. Though, sadly, most people with opioid use disorder don’t get treatment. The gap in treatment is worse for the youngest patient group (ages 15-24).

Suboxone Use by Age Group

Growing Suboxone Use by All Age Groups Over 25

Suboxone clinics can be:

  • A patients’ first experience in treatment to avoid ever needing to go to inpatient rehab.
  • An aid when transitioning directly out of inpatient rehab to prevent relapse in that critical period.
  • A better option for those who have relapsed after already being in and out of rehab (especially multiple times).

What if I Need More Than Suboxone?

Suboxone clinics offer more than Suboxone. Therapy is a part of all Suboxone clinics and is recommended in conjunction with Suboxone by every major health organization, including the World Health Organization and the National Institue on Drug Abuse. The requirements for therapy vary by clinic. Usually, it’s monthly check-ins. Here, therapy is unlimited and available virtually if needed. You schedule as many sessions as you want, whenever you need it.

Symetria includes all evidence-based treatments to ensure patients have everything they need and to give options to find what works for each person. Most Suboxone clinics won’t offer all of these services. 

  • Vivitrol – a non-addictive FDA-approved medication for addiction that works differently from Suboxone to prevent cravings, given in the form of a monthly shot
  • Methadone – FDA-approved medication for opioid addiction that is taken every day at an OTP clinic (See the Suboxone vs. Methadone article)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program – An IOP program involves group therapy several times per week (see the What is an IOP Program? article)
  • Dual Diagnosis – Diagnoses, therapy and medications for other mental health issues, most commonly depression, anxiety or trauma

If Suboxone alone isn’t working for you, you still have options. You may need to find a different clinic or layer in outside services if your Suboxone clinic doesn’t offer everything you need.

How do you Find a Suboxone Clinic?

Unlike drug or alcohol rehab, you’re probably not going to travel too far to get to a Suboxone clinic. But, all addiction treatment clinics are not equal! Finding the right Suboxone clinic can (literally) change your life.

What are Criteria of Top Suboxone Clinics?

Symetria Recovery - Illinois

Known for high-success rates and comprehensive treatment that follows the science, including unlimited one-on-one therapy sessions.

Accepts Insurance
CARF Accredited
5-Star Rated

ServicesOffers Vivitrol, methadone and IOP options in addition to Suboxone, which includes outpatient opioid detox. Plus, dual diagnosis (for depression, anxiety, trauma). 

Locations: 6 Illinois Locations — Suboxone Chicago, Suboxone Vernon Hills, Suboxone Naperville, Suboxone Palos Heights, Suboxone Joliet, Suboxone Des Plaines

Symetria Fort Worth Clinic Building
Hurst Clinic Welcome
Addiction Assessment Room

Symetria Recovery - Texas

Known for high-success rates and comprehensive treatment that follows the science, including unlimited one-on-one therapy sessions.

Accepts Insurance
CARF Accredited
5-Star Rated

Services: Offers Vivitrol, methadone and IOP options in addition to Suboxone, which includes outpatient opioid detox. Plus, dual diagnosis (for depression, anxiety, trauma).

Locations: 6 Texas Locations — Suboxone Fort Worth, Suboxone Hurst, Suboxone Lewisville, Suboxone Houston, Suboxone Spring, Suboxone College Station

How Can I Find Suboxone Clinics Online?

If you don’t live nearby in Illinois or Texas, don’t worry. With insurance, call the number on the back of your insurance card or visit the insurance company’s online directory.

If you don’t have insurance, the U.S. government offers a free directory of treatment centers.

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