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Withdrawal Symptoms of Opioids and Heroin

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Withdrawal is the result of the brain and body function, which have grown dependent on the substance, adjusting to the absence of opioids or heroin

“Withdrawal” is the term for the collection of symptoms a person experiences when he or she stops using heroin or opioid painkillers, such as oxycodone, acetaminophen and hydrocodone.

The symptoms of withdrawal can vary in severity, and typically last anywhere from several days to more than a week, depending on factors like how frequently the person was previously using heroin or opioids, and in what quantities.

Common Opiod Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Intense cravings or thoughts of using heroin often
  • Feeling the desire to use heroin more often
  • Muscle and bone pain when not using
  • Agitation and sometimes significant anxiety when not using
  • Hiding how much is being used or using alone
  • Insomnia when not using

People experience opioid withdrawal in different ways. Some people have intense cravings for the drug that drives them to take just about any action to get it. Others may become aggressive and agitated.

What To Do When You See The Symptoms Of Heroin Withdrawal

Symptoms may start to become noticeable within just a few hours of the person’s last dose.

Without medical supervision, withdrawal can be uncomfortable, stressful, and dangerous. Most people feel very anxious about going through withdrawal, which creates a barrier to recovery — even when the person wants it.

The best thing you can do is find a Suboxone clinic. The doctors give patients buprenorphine to feel better right away and get through withdrawal while they live a home.

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