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Recovery support meetings are not required for treatment at Symetria, but help reduce feelings of isolation that are common in addiction and provide an outlet to get practical advice from people who understand the struggle.

Researchers in 2020 looked at 27 studies on the effectiveness of support groups and found improved rates of sobriety, more days abstinent and a reduction in addiction severity.  Support groups DO help.

AA is the most well-known support group, but there are plenty of other options in the Chicago area. Find what support meetings you like best. It’s a free way to get regular, ongoing support.

Non-12-step Meetings
12-step Meetings
SMART Recovery logo life beyond addiction

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery uses evidence-based techniques, like cognitive-behavioral therapy, focused on building motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts and behaviors and living a balanced life.

SMART Recovery is the most widespread alternative to AA and NA 12-step meetings. The program emphasizes self-empowerment instead of powerlessness, does not have a core spiritual component and is more understanding of the process instead of a full abstinence-only approach. 

Find SMART Recovery Meetings in Chicago

Symetria clinics host SMART recovery meetings throughout the week. You don’t have to be a patient at that clinic to attend. 

ClinicAddressTimeSave to Calendar
Symetria — Des Plaines Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic1460 Market St # 300, Des Plaines, IL 60016Thursday 11:30AM – 12:30PM🗓️
Symetria — Joliet Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic229 N Hammes Ave, Joliet, IL 60435Tuesday 9AM-10:30AM🗓️
Symetria — Palos Heights Outpatient Rehab & Suboxone Clinic11925 S Harlem Ave, Palos Heights, IL 60463Tuesday 4-5PM🗓️

If you don’t live near these three clinics, here is a list of 65 SMART meetings in the Chicagoland area > www.smartrecovery.org 

Women for Sobriety logo purple WFS

Women For Sobriety

Women For Sobriety (WFS) is an alternative to 12-step programs catered more specifically for women. WFS uses the New Life Program, which focuses on positive thinking, emotional growth, self-empowerment and self-worth. The program fosters a nurturing environment for women to share experiences and support each other. 

Unlike traditional 12-step programs, WFS incorporates elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy and offers private groups, forums and emails for support outside of meetings. 

Find Women For Sobriety Meetings in Chicago

There are two in-person WFS meetings in Chicago. For safety, you must email to get the information on meeting location. 

They also offer virtual meeting options. Sign up on the website to get the info and access the meetings. There are multiple meetings per day, including “Good Night Girlfriends” held at 7PM and 9PM every day, as well as day-specific topic meetings like “Take Charge Tuesdays”.  

Register for WFS Meetings

Lifering Secular Recovery logo orange lifesave

LifeRing Secular Recovery

LifeRing Secular Recovery is a small network of non-12-step support groups. LifeRing encourages members to develop their own path to recovery, using a “3-S” philosophy: Sobriety, Secularity and Self-Help. LifeRing emphasizes self-responsibility without relying on spiritual frameworks.

Find LifeRing Meetings in Chicago

The only local in-person LifeRing meetings are both in Evanston: Thursdays 7PM at St. Francis Hospital and Mondays at noon at Evanston Hospital. 

There is also a virtual meeting specifically for Chicagoland that meets Thursdays at 7PM. 

LiferRing Meeting Finder

Moderation Management logo MM on scales of justice

Moderation Management Meetings

Moderation Management (MM) is a fully virtual support group program designed for individuals who seek to reduce alcohol consumption rather than abstain completely. MM offers a non-judgmental community where members  share their experiences and support each other in achieving their moderation goals.

The harm reduction program incorporates cognitive-behavioral strategies to help members set limits, monitor drinking and make healthier choices. MM emphasizes personal responsibility and practical techniques to manage drinking habits. 

Find MM Meetings in Chicago

MM Newcomers Meeting

MM suggests new members start with the virtual newcomer’s meetings which happen twice a month on Thursdays at 6PM. Though, this meeting is is not required to join other MM meetings.
Newcomers Meeting Schedule

Chicago-Specific MM Meeting

There is one MM meeting specific to Chicago that runs virtually every Wednesday at 7PM.
Click to Get the Zoom Link

All MM Meetings

There are 28-30 MM meetings each week, with at least two meetings on any given day. Note, times on the MM website are shown in EST, so subtract one hour to get Chicago time. All MM Meetings are virtual. 
Full Meeting Schedule 

Recovery Dharma helpm with triple yin yang

Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma uses Buddhist practices to help individuals recover from addiction. Based on the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path of Buddism, Recovery Dharma uses a spiritual framework, encouraging mindfulness, meditation and self-inquiry as tools for healing.

Meetings involve guided meditations, readings and group discussions, fostering a supportive community environment. 

Find Recovery Dharma Meetings in Chicago

There are three in-person Recovery Dharma meetings in Chicago:

Recovery Dharma also offers 10-50 virtual meetings on any given day, including topical meetings related to issues like lust and co-dependency or for specific groups like healthcare workers and LGBTQ. 

See All Virtual Options

CR Celebrate Recovery A Christ Centered Recovery Program

Celebrate Recovery Meetings

Celebrate Recovery is a Christian religious 12-step recovery group. The program integrates biblical teachings with the 12 steps and eight principles from the Sermon on the Mount.

Celebrate Recovery emphasizes spiritual growth and healing through fellowship, worship and scripture study. Participants work through the steps in small, gender-specific groups. Meetings are held weekly in churches worldwide.

Find Celebrate Recovery Meetings in Chicago

There are 39 Celebrate Recovery meetings in churches across Chicago. Closet to each Symetria clinic are:

AA Logo Unity Service Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offers the most recovery support meetings in the world, available near you anywhere in Chicago any day of the week and when traveling.

AA meetings are based on a 12-step program that encourages participants to admit powerlessness over alcohol, seek help from a higher power and support each other in staying sober. Millions of people cite 12-step programs as life-saving. 

Find AA Meetings in Chicago

There are 512 AA meetings currently listed in the Chicagoland area, as well as virtual options. 

Find the nearest AA meeting to you here > www.chicagoaa.org
The website can use your location, you can enter your zip code in the box or search for a city in the drop-down. Virtual meetings are included too.  You can also use the filters to find specialized meetings like women-only or LGBTQ options. 

You can also download the phone app to find meetings near you at any given time:

NA Logo

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is modeled after AA but focuses on drug use instead of alcohol. NA, like AA, emphasizes the importance of sharing experiences and creating a strong network of support for those battling addiction. You should know ahead of time, NA isn’t always accepting of Suboxone or methadone

Find NA Meetings in Chicago

There are 14 Chicago-based chapters of NA each with their own meeting schedules, as well as virtual meeting options.

Fox Valley  |  Illinois Valley  Joliet  Lake Borderline  Mid City  Near West Suburbs  North City  North Suburbs  Rock River  Small Miracles  South City  South Suburbs  South West  West Suburbs

Virtual NA Meeting Finder


Find Fun Recovery Events in Chicago

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a national non-profit that fosters a sober, active community for anyone with at least 48 hours of continuous sobriety.

The Phoenix currently shows 49 sober events in the Chicago area, including glow yoga, kickball, community volunteering, mini golf, bowling and indoor rock climbing. However, most events are in the city.

If there’s nothing near you listed, The Phoenix has livestream options like 5-minute group meditations and 25-minute total body workouts. 

See All Sober Events

Symetria Social Club

All current and former Symetria patients have access to the Symetria Social Club for the physical activity and social connections needed in recovery. Past events included ax throwing in Orland Park and an escape room in Naperville. These recovery events are free and often transportation can be arranged and family is invited. 

Join the private Symetria Social Club
(Symetria patients only)

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Kelly, J. F., Humphreys, K., & Ferri, M. (2020). Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs for alcohol use disorder. Cochrane Library. https://doi.org/10.1002/14651858.cd012880.pub2

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