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Programs For Opioid And Heroin Addiction

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Treatment Programs for Opioid and Heroin Addiction

Symetria Recovery® follows an innovative, results-oriented outpatient model that allows patients to receive discreet but effective treatment while going about their daily lives. There’s no checking into a hospital or inpatient rehab, and no checking out from friends, family or work. This unique treatment approach to opioid addiction offers two distinct advantages over inpatient care models:

  • Outpatient drug treatment means that you do not have to put your life on hold
    Let’s face it – not everyone has the option of leaving their job and family, even if it is only for a few weeks, in order to receive treatment. We believe that recovery should not be a “luxury” restricted to those with financial independence or flexible work schedules. By making care available on an outpatient basis, we ensure that treatment is consistently accessible to everyone who needs it.
  • There is a lower risk of relapse
    Rehab centers create rigidly controlled environments where patients are isolated from the stressors and issues of daily life. When a patient is discharged, reentering “the real world” can be a shocking and painful transition. Not only does the patient lose their medical support team upon release – they’re also re-exposed to all the temptations and triggers that fueled the addiction before the treatment began. See our results.

The Symetria Method®
Outpatient drug rehab programs vary in their approach. At Symetria, outpatient treatment follows our proprietary protocol, a proven-effective treatment strategy that merges Medication Assisted Treatment, outpatient groups, individual and family counseling and psychiatric services all under one roof. Care is provided by a team of highly-trained physicians, nurses and counselors, all dedicated to providing the individual patient with comprehensive treatment and support. Outpatient treatment services for opioid and heroin addiction at Symetria Recovery® include:


Are you comparing outpatient drug treatment programs? If you’ve been worried about a loved one, or if you’re concerned about the way you use your pain medication, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible for help. To take the first step, contact us online or call (888) 782-6966right away.