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A Staged Professional Intervention Can Be The “Wake Up Call” An Addicted Person Needs To Start On Their Path To Recovery

In many cases, an individual who is battling addiction may not realize how seriously their addiction has become, how deeply the addiction has affected their health or relationships, or how the addiction has negatively impacted the lives of their loved ones. By speaking openly at the intervention, you can encourage your loved one to finally get the help that he or she needs – before it is too late.

An intervention may be appropriate if your son, daughter, or other loved one has been struggling with an addiction to heroin or opioid painkillers, such as oxycodone, acetaminophen and hydrocodone, fentanyl, or medications containing codeine. The compassionate and experienced opioid addiction specialists at Symetria Recovery® can assist with your family’s opioid or heroin intervention by:

  • Coaching and preparing you for what to expect at the intervention.
  • Explaining what types of materials you should bring to the intervention.
  • Giving you guidance on how to express yourself clearly and honestly, without attacking or blaming your loved one.
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If you’ve been worried about a loved one, or if you’re concerned about the way you use your pain medication, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible for help. To take the first step, contact us online or call (888) 782-6966 right away.

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