Symetria Enables More Successful Results Because It Prepares Patients For A Lifetime Of Sobriety

Statistics indicate that relapse is widespread, with an estimated rate as high as 90% among patients who receive inpatient care. At Symetria Recovery®, our relapse rate is only 11%.

Why Opioid and Heroin Relapse Occurs

When patients leave traditional inpatient opioid addiction treatment programs, they abruptly lose all of the structure and support they had while living at the facility. This sudden change of environment places a huge amount of stress on the patient — and in as many as nine out of ten cases, relapse is the outcome. By comparison, Symetria patients receive outpatient care that seamlessly integrates into daily life. Our patients go to work, attend college, maintain relationships, and live their everyday lives while they are being treated, eliminating the dramatic change of environment that so often leads to relapse.

Additionally, unlike other treatment models — which, in too many cases, provide patients minimal to nonexistent post-treatment support and follow-up — Symetria emphasizes education and aftercare, while teaching patients how to build lifelong strategies for controlling addictive behaviors. Armed with newfound coping skills and an extensive support network, patients emerge from treatment well-equipped to manage and cravings or crises as they arise, minimizing the risk of relapse.

Learn Why Our Approach to Preventing Opioid Relapse is More Successful Than the Industry Average

Through our unique approach to treating addiction, we consistently achieve results that are substantially above average. Only 11% of Symetria patients relapse after six months in treatment compared to 82% of patients in traditional opioid treatment programs.

Get Help Fighting Opioid Addiction Today

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