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Patient Testimonials

Mitch fights pain everyday, but does not choose opiods anymore.

James's advice for those in recovery is to 'stay true to yourself'

"If you're thinking about recovery, take the leap" - Sami

Kevin's journey to recovery has allowed him to make amends with family.

"My advice to anyone that is seeking recovery, just take the first step" -Robert

"Symetria has all of the recovery tools that you need at your finger tips" - Sara

"I had to make the decision that I wanted to stop using" - Kevin

Nathan struggled with depression when he was active in his disease.

Delores has 24/7 access to counselors to overcome her struggles.

Michael's advice is to not give up.

Sarah says it best, you got to keep an open mind in your journey to recovery.

Jeff says the changes and transformations he has made have been profound and exciting.

All of Donna's attempts at recovery had failed until now.

Steve's advice for addiction treatment: Stick to the program, it works.

"My experience with Symetria Recovery has impacted me by showing me that people care" - James

Armando discusses his struggles on his journey to recovery.

Christopher's advice is to apply yourself. You have to want to stay clean.

"Being at Symetria has helped me live a normal life" -Matthew

Richard talks about giving recovery some time, it gets easier.

Symetria has helped Christine to open up and let go of negative thoughts.

David talks about relapse and to always keep trying.

"Counseling is the number one thing that will help you during your recovery" - Danielle

Getting clean is difficult to do, which is why Stefan is so glad he found us.

Staff Testimonials

Misty wants you to know don't wait for tomorrow, call us today.

Isha wants you to know you will be treated with respect and dignity.

"Life is about choices. Make one and ask for help" - Hazem

Frankie wants you to know Symetria Recovery is a team approach.

We are here to support you through every step of your journey. - Cam

We are a judgement-free zone with a cohesive team that works together. -Jeff

Sharif wants you to know to take that first step.

Don't wait. - Sara

Peter wants to share with what sets Symetria apart.

Adam wants you to take that leap of faith and come see us.

Courtney shares with how we personalize treatment to each individual.

Let us help you get the help you need

Symetria Recovery is a different type of addiction recovery treatment center, and the proof is in our results: only 11% of Symetria patients relapse after six months in treatment compared to 82% of patients in traditional opioid treatment programs.

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