76 billion opioid pills: Newly released federal data unmasks the epidemic

Six companies distributed and three companies manufactured the bulk of the pills that saturated the nation with opioids from 2006 to 2012.

A disturbing new phase of the opioid crisis: How rehab recruiters are luring recovering addicts into a deadly cycle

"Mom, when they look at me, they see dollar signs."

Decline in opioid deaths is tied to growing use of overdose-reversing drug, CDC says

Prescriptions are way up for a drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. That could help explain the recent decline in fatal opioid overdoses.

Drug Overdose Deaths Drop in U.S. for First Time Since 1990

A decline in deaths from opioid painkillers was a major factor, but deaths from fentanyl overdoses and some other drugs continued to rise.

Fighting a global opioid epidemic through digital surveillance

Following the unexpected death of his celebrity son over a decade ago, Kim Ledger is campaigning to reduce prescription drug-related deaths. Digital surveillance could be part of the solution.

How to manage opioid addiction in the workplace

Managers need to have a working plan to help employees who live with addiction.

Mexican Opium Prices Plummet, Driving Poppy Farmers to Migrate

The drop in prices is leading poppy farmers to seek work in the United States and other places.

Provide regulated opioids to stem fentanyl overdose crisis, says top medical officer

“We need to consider a regulated drug supply to replace the illegal drug supply.”

The Global Opioid Supply Chain Begins in Tasmania

Pharmaceutical companies exploited a regulatory loophole that allowed for a decades-long boom in licit opioid production fueled by Tasmanian-grown poppies. Here's what the island can tell us about the next wave of the crisis.

U.S. attorney grills president of proposed injection site during court hearing

Monday’s hearing was the first day in court for an effort that’s been in the works in Philadelphia since 2017.

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