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Get Help for Yourself

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  • Pain free tapering. As soon as you begin receiving treatment from Symetria Recovery, you will have access to medications for relieving withdrawal and craving. We have appropriate federal licensing qualifications to dispense fast-acting medication on-site, including buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone.

  • Accept all commercial insurance plans, plus most HMOs. 

  • Reduced fees are available for patients who meet certain income criteria. We strive to make quality treatment affordable and accessible for all.

  • You receive the benefit an outpatient recovery model, which means you live independently at home and visit our facilities to receive on-site care specific to your recovery needs. 

  • You receive behavioral counseling and therapy services, including psychiatric services as needed, as well as access to education and aftercare resources. Support groups for family and friends are also available.