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prescription drug rehabDrug addiction doesn’t only occur when a person uses illicit substances like cocaine or heroin. Sometimes, the use and misuse of prescription drugs can also lead to this. Prescription drug rehab is an opportunity to gain control again, to break free from the struggles brought on by addiction and dependence. Our team at Symetria Recovery offers outpatient treatment designed to give you everything you need to break your addiction for good.

Prescription Drug Rehab Helps Stop Addiction

Addiction occurs when a person compulsively uses a drug, recognizing that doing so puts themselves at risk. Yet, they continue to feel the need to use. Dependence is often one step further. A person using prescription drugs outside of recommended doses may develop cravings for them that are strong. They may also face instances in which they feel pain, anxiety, or insomnia when they do not use the drug. These withdrawal symptoms are a telltale sign of dependence. If you are facing these challenges, a rehab program is an essential part of the recovery process.

In rehab, you’ll receive outstanding support. No matter what type of prescription drug you are misusing, we can help you. Here, you’ll receive help for:

  • Medications to help you break your dependence without feeling withdrawal symptoms or cravings
  • Support for the underlying use of the medications, such as getting help for anxiety or pain
  • Guidance in recognizing negative thought patterns and how they lead to poor behaviors
  • Support in creating a new path forward, one founded in building your health and wellbeing
  • Resources to help you with every aspect of your life, including creating a lifestyle of recovery

Painkiller Addiction Treatment Can Reduce Pain

Some people misusing opioids often find themselves unable to stop without experiencing intense pain. Our treatment program creates a plan to help this. We work with you to find other alternatives to pain relief that can be just as effective and sometimes more so than using highly addictive opioids. You may see mobility improve and pain lessen right away. The key here is that you don’t have to feel like you can’t stop using opioids. You can, and we can show you how to live a better life without them.

Why Choose Our Painkiller Rehab?

Prescription drug addiction worsens over time. It strips away your health and impacts every area of your life. It doesn’t have to be like this. You can stop using these substances and have the life you desire. More so, with our treatment plan, you’ll be empowered and supported as you create a new lifestyle in recovery.

Symetria Recovery works with people from all walks of life facing prescription addiction. We don’t judge you but rather show you support to create a new life and path forward. There are no lines and no waiting. Everything is done by appointment, and often the same day you call us. We believe in encouraging you to live at home and obtain outpatient treatment on an ongoing basis. During this time, you’ll have ample support from our dedicated team and access to innovative programs to support you every step of the way. Some of those programs include:

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Prescription drug rehab is an opportunity to break your addiction and dependence to create a new way forward for yourself. Our team at Symetria Recovery offers a wide range of resources to support you. When you call us, we aim to provide support within as little as 24 hours, often the same day. Reach out to us now. Call 855.282.4819 or connect with us online.