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alcohol addiction treatment centersDrinking alcohol can quickly change from an occasional pastime to an all-consuming addiction. Sometimes, people who could limit their drinking now find their alcohol consumption out of their control. It is crucial to remember that addiction is not a weakness or lack of willpower; it is a disease. Like many diseases, symptoms of alcohol addiction can be improved when treated under the supervision of professionals.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the amount you drink has been steadily increasing. Maybe loved ones have expressed concern about your drinking. If you feel as though it may be the right time to get help for your alcohol addiction, the team at Symetria Recovery can help. Our alcohol rehab centers in Illinois and Texas provide the perfect setting for comprehensive addiction treatment.

Alcohol Addiction Overview

When you begin treatment at our alcohol addiction treatment centers, our team will record a comprehensive assessment of your status. Information such as your medical history and daily amount of alcohol consumed helps us design an individualized treatment plan for your specific treatment needs.

Once we have created your treatment plan, you will start your therapy sessions. Some of our addiction therapy programs offered at Symetria Recovery include:

No matter your needs for alcohol addiction treatment, our range of therapy programs will form the foundation of long-lasting recovery. We believe that alcohol addiction often results from past trauma or mental health disorders. Once these emotional wounds are addressed and then healed during therapy sessions.

Benefits of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

As you progress through treatment at Symetria Recovery, you begin to experience some of the positive impacts that recovery brings.

A few of the many benefits of Symetria Recovery’s alcohol addiction treatment centers include:

  • Time to focus on yourself – Alcohol addiction at Symetria Recovery gives you time away from the stress of everyday life. This will give you the peace of mind that you need to immerse yourself in recovery.
  • Identifying triggers – Triggers are the people or places that cause you to want to fall back into old patterns of behavior. Our team will help you to identify triggers and then develop strategies to avoid them.
  • Support system – The people you meet in treatment at Symetria Recovery understand what you’re going through and provide the support you may need during the challenging days of treatment. Your peers become a valuable resource during treatment and beyond.
  • Professional supervision – Our Symetria Recovery team has years of experience in the addiction treatment field. We will monitor your physical and mental health throughout treatment to ensure your safety at all times.
  • Relapse prevention – You will also learn techniques to help you maintain your recovery beyond treatment. Our team will teach you relapse prevention methods that will give you the tools you need to abstain from drinking.
  • Repair relationships – Relationships with friends and family may become damaged or destroyed due to alcohol addiction. Our team of experts can help you to rebuild these crucial relationships so that you can rely on their support throughout your recovery.

Begin Your Recovery at Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

Alcohol addiction is a disease, and the Symetria Recovery team believes that proper treatment under our expert supervision can help people address and overcome this disease. Our team is committed to treating everyone in recovery with the respect and dignity that they deserve. If you are interested in learning more about our alcohol rehab centers in Texas and Illinois, contact our team by calling 855.282.4819 or completing our confidential online form. Take the first step in your recovery journey by reaching out to us today.