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opiate rehabOpiate addiction can seem to take over every facet of your life. Opiates are highly addictive, and most people using them do not start doing so because they want to feel high. Yet, it happens, and when it does, an opiate rehab program may be the only way to overcome these challenges.

At Symetria Recovery, our substance abuse treatment for opiate addiction uses the most advanced resources and a whole-body approach to enabling your recovery.

Opiate Rehab May Be Critical to Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a progressive and chronic condition if left untreated. It may not improve, though, until you get into a treatment program. When a person uses opiates, the substances interact with the opioid center in the brain. There, it changes the brain’s chemistry so that the brain becomes reliant on the drugs. It becomes nearly impossible to stop using these substances on your own. Intense withdrawal symptoms and cravings make it impossible for most people to simply say no.

In opiate rehab at Symetria Recovery, there’s much more help and support for your brain as you go through this process. You’ll learn a great deal about yourself in therapy, too. Some of the ways rehab helps include:

  • Medications to help ease the withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings
  • Therapy to support the underlying cause of the addiction, such as overcoming chronic pain
  • Support for past trauma that may be behind your addiction or negative behaviors
  • Resources to help heal your whole body, mind, and spirit to ensure the best possible recovery
  • Resources, coping skills, and support to build a strong lifestyle in recovery

It is a combination of all of these aspects that help a person to overcome their addiction fully.

An Opiate Addiction Treatment Center Is About Building Your Future

There are many components of opiate rehab. One of the first steps is working closely with you to help stop the use of the drug. That may seem impossible right now. Yet, we offer therapy that can help you see how to overcome the addiction for good. This therapy is designed to teach you about your addiction, which is like any other disease requiring ongoing support and treatment to keep it at bay. We use a range of therapies to do this, including:

Treatment can be ongoing and as much or as little as you need to thrive. For example, you’ll have access to relapse prevention strategies to ensure you’re not tempted to use again. You’ll also have continuing care as long as you need it to build a stronger, healthier life.

How Our Opiate Addiction Treatment Center Stands Out

Long-term recovery begins with support at the hardest part while you’re still using. Symetria Recovery doesn’t make you wait for care. Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll work to meet with you in just 24 hours, often the same day you contact us. Then, we’ll start helping you to heal right away. That includes providing you with access to cutting edge therapies and resources. You’ll find the respect and confidence you need here.

Get started by learning more about some of our programs and how they can help you:

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Decide to get help today for opiate addiction at Symetria Recovery. When you do, you’ll find our team of dedicated counselors ready to work with you. Now is the best time to start working on healing and rebuilding your life in a better way. We have the tools to help you and all of the support to guide you. Learn more about our team at Symetria Recovery by calling 855.282.4819 or connecting with us online now.