symptoms of opioid abuse

Recognize the Symptoms of Opioid Abuse

Are you worried that someone you love may be misusing opioid drugs? Opioids are powerful painkillers given legally by prescription. However, they carry a high risk of addiction. If someone takes opioids over a long period of time, they may come dependent upon them. For this reason, if you know someone who uses opioids in…

morphine addiction

The Dangers of a Morphine Addiction

Morphine is a powerful opioid painkiller used to treat moderate to severe pain. Doctors sometimes prescribe morphine for post-operative pain or to alleviate the pain associated with cancer. As a prescription, it’s sometimes called Roxanol or Avinza, though there are other brand names, too. While morphine does a superior job of blocking your pain, it…

building trust in relationships

Ways to Start Building Trust in Relationships

No one can argue that addiction takes its toll. Often, relationships with loved ones become damaged due to addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction cause changes in brain chemistry. As a result, someone who struggles with this disorder may say or do things they otherwise wouldn’t. This can cause rifts between family members and friends that are…

signs of relapse

Common Signs of Relapse

If you’re in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you may question yourself constantly. Are you in danger of relapse? Are you doing enough to maintain your recovery? Are you staying active enough in your recovery community? Should you consider a relapse prevention program? Unfortunately, worrying about the possibility of relapse is a reality. Fortunately,…

Blue Cross Blue Shield substance abuse treatment

Blue Cross Blue Shield for Substance Abuse Treatment

Most insurance carriers now provide coverage for members to seek substance abuse treatment. Blue Cross Blue Shield is no different. If you’re insured through a workplace or private policy, call your representative and ask about drug and alcohol addiction treatment coverage. When you’re struggling with a chronic disease, such as chemical dependency, it’s vital to…

insurance for substance abuse treatment

Using Insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment

When you or a loved one needs help to recover from a substance use disorder involving drugs or alcohol, finances should not be a deciding factor. If you have medical insurance, you likely have coverage for substance abuse treatment, too. Talk with your insurance representative today about admission for treatment. At the very least, you should have…

paying for rehab in Dallas

Paying for Rehab in Dallas

Millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse. However, a large percentage never seek professional treatment. There are many reasons why. However, the reason that tops the list has to do with finances. Rehab admissions aren’t free, and trying to pay for treatment when you’re uninsured or underinsured may feel impossible. However, for those who have…

Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage Houston

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Offers Rehab Coverage

Did you know there are multiple ways to pay for drug and alcohol addiction treatment? Millions of people struggle with substance use disorder in the United States. However, many never seek treatment because they fear paying for rehab. If this describes you or someone you love, reach out for help today. There are more ways…

rebuilding relationships

Rebuilding Relationships After Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction damages relationships. From the deceit to the feeling of fear, a range of problems can occur, damaging relationships for years to come. However, once a person begins treatment, they’ll have an opportunity to rebuild relationships important and valuable to them. That is often done in family counseling, where you’ll work hand-in-hand…