Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage Houston

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Offers Rehab Coverage

Did you know there are multiple ways to pay for drug and alcohol addiction treatment? Millions of people struggle with substance use disorder in the United States. However, many never seek treatment because they fear paying for rehab. If this describes you or someone you love, reach out for help today. There are more ways…

rebuilding relationships

Rebuilding Relationships After Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction damages relationships. From the deceit to the feeling of fear, a range of problems can occur, damaging relationships for years to come. However, once a person begins treatment, they’ll have an opportunity to rebuild relationships important and valuable to them. That is often done in family counseling, where you’ll work hand-in-hand…

importance of self care

The Importance of Self-Care

Substance abuse disorders and addiction can be quick to make your life unrecognizable. When struggling with addiction, your priorities aren’t often your own. The only thing that becomes important is obtaining drugs and alcohol. The importance of things like hygiene, mental health, school, work, and family fades into the background, while your need to not…

long term effects of opioids

5 Long-Term Effects of Opioids

Opioids are dangerous, addictive drugs. When used as a treatment for acute or chronic pain, they can work very well, but many people struggle to stop using them because of their highly risky addictive qualities. Continuing to do so over the long term puts you at risk for various complications. The extensiveness of the long-term…

doctor and patient discussing vivitrol

Dangers of Doctor Shopping

Doctor shopping is trying to get more prescriptions, such as for opioids, from multiple doctors. This process is unsafe and can result in numerous health complications. It may also indicate you need opioid addiction treatment to help you stop your addictive behaviors. At Symetria Recovery, our opioid addiction treatment program has been an effective tool…

outpatient rehab

Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction requires comprehensive counseling and support to enable full healing. While some people may benefit from an in-person treatment program, many others thrive with outpatient rehab. In some situations, outpatient addiction treatment is critical to a person’s long-term recovery because it enables them to remain at home surrounded by family and their…

symptoms of heroin withdrawal

Common Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin dependence is a complex mental health disorder. It occurs when a person’s body and brain become reliant on heroin to function normally. Taking that away creates intense symptoms. Heroin addiction treatment can help a person overcome their dependence and reclaim their health. The heroin addiction treatment program at Symetria Recovery is designed with the…

sober activities

Sober Activities to Enjoy This Summer

At Symetria Recovery, our outpatient only care includes medication therapy, talk therapy, and aftercare support. If you live in Texas or Illinois, you could benefit from our effective alcohol treatment programs. However, after your initial recovery program, you may still need continuing care to help you complete your transition to sober living. At Symetria Recovery,…