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psychotherapy Addiction therapy is more than just no longer using drugs or alcohol. As a complex disease, addiction requires a treatment plan that looks at every aspect of this condition, including the underlying cause and the way the disease impacts a person’s life. Treatment like this stems from psychotherapy. Through a range of addiction therapy programs, it’s possible to work through the cause and build a strong future where you do not rely on alcohol or drugs. If you are struggling with addiction, Symetria Recovery offers the tools and resources to help you get back on the right track.

At Symetria Recovery, our addiction therapy programs, including our psychotherapy program, allow you to progress through your recovery while feeling supported and encouraged.

The Value of Psychotherapy in Your Recovery

Addiction impacts every part of your life. It is often brought on by past pain or trauma. It may have impacted your ability to form and maintain relationships. Sometimes it makes it hard to socialize. Your mental and physical well-being may be suffering as a result of your drug or alcohol use. Financial and legal problems may exist. There are consequences to drug addiction that must be managed. That is what psychotherapy does for you. It creates a plan to help you move beyond your addiction and its damage.

Common Psychotherapy Techniques

At Symetria Recovery, a variety of psychotherapy techniques are used. These therapy programs differ in various ways. That includes how they work, their goal, and how they can help you with the future.

Some of the most common techniques and therapies used include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This type of therapy aims to help people recognize and change the behaviors they have. This type of therapy aids with coping skills and can help in preventing relapse.
  • Motivational interviewing – Motivational interviewing creates a plan to encourage a person to want to change poor behaviors that often lead to addiction. It may help motivate them to be ready for that change.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy – This type of therapy focuses on helping a person live in the moment, reduces cravings, and may help avoid negative outcomes when experiencing high-stress situations.
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy – In acceptance and commitment therapy, the focus is on acceptance, mindfulness, and personal values. It aims to help people to work through complicated situations without having to give in to bad behaviors.

Individual Psychotherapy and Group Therapy

Psychotherapy programs can be broken into two main groups – those you work on with your therapist on your own and those done in a group setting. In most cases, both methods are valuable and provide a wide range of resources. In group therapy, you’ll learn about what other people are feeling and experiencing. At the same time, you’ll be able to help others. Individual therapy provides the privacy you need to really overcome the challenges you face.

Creating an Individualized Therapy Program for You

Psychotherapy is one of the key reasons for long-term addiction recovery success. That is why it is a significant part of the work we do at Symetria Recovery. When you meet with us, we’ll provide an assessment and discuss each of the therapies we offer, how they work, and what they may do for you and your future.

Some of the therapy options at Symetria Recovery are:

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Psychotherapy may seem intimidating for some. However, for most men and women, it can be lifesaving. At Symetria Recovery, we utilize this therapy type to help you achieve your best outcome, providing you with the tools and resources to heal. Are you ready to do that? There’s no line to wait in when you reach out to us. You’ll feel better with your first visit – and often that is the same day you call us. Contact Symetria Recovery today by calling 855.282.4819 or completing our online form.