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music therapyIf you are dealing with addiction, it may be difficult to find a way to move beyond the limitations of this disease and feel normal again. During treatment at Symetria Recovery, we introduce a wide range of therapy programs that may help you, including music therapy. Often done as a part of our group therapy program, this type of treatment can help provide a new outlook, a way to express yourself, and opportunities for healing. Symetria Recovery wants to give you every tool you need to thrive.

How Does a Music Therapy Program Help with Addiction?

You don’t have to have experience with any instrument or sing well to benefit from music therapy. Rather, this type of therapy allows you to engage in a meaningful way to your needs. Music is a significant part of life for many people. People use it to relax, as a type of distraction, and for entertainment. That’s why it can help you with overcoming addiction, too.

A few of the ways that music therapy helps heal addiction include:

  • Expression – Music may help you express yourself. Substance abuse treatment is only effective when a person can open up and talk about what’s happened, why, and what they hope to see in the future. Music can help with that expression.
  • Relaxation – In many ways, music can be healing. Listening to just the right song at the right time can help you to relax, unwind, and reduce the stress hormones flowing through your body. Addiction treatment is tough. Music may help make it easier.
  • Communication – It may be tough to communicate thoughts and feelings openly with words. For some, expressing through music is easier to do. This is one way to allow music to help you.
  • Improving cognitive function – Those with long-term drug addiction may have some cognitive function decline. This is one type of therapy that may help to improve the function of the brain.
  • Self-confidence boosting – Learning a new skill is often a way to improve a person’s ability to thrive in treatment. Through addiction, you may feel less confident in yourself, but learning music skills may help to give you some of that confidence back.

There are many ways music can play a role in treatment at Symetria Recovery. It can help you focus on recovery and overcome painful memories.

How Our Music Therapy Program Works

There’s never any pressure during therapy. Rather, this is an opportunity for you to embrace music in the way it fits in your life. You’ll work with a musical therapist who has ample experience helping people through the darkest of their past. You’ll also find that this type of one-on-one therapy enables you to feel more confident in your future.

Why Choose Symetria Recovery for Treatment?

Music therapy is just one of the many types of treatments we offer. We are confident in the services provided here. That means when you start treatment, you’ll feel better. You’ll be empowered to overcome the damages you’ve faced on your path. Most importantly, we never pass judgment, always provide you with respectful care and treatment you like family.

A few examples of the other therapies we offer include:

Begin to Heal with Music Therapy at Symetria Recovery

Finding the right type of treatment for what you’re facing is our priority at Symetria Recovery. We offer a music therapy program as one component of a larger range of treatments. Every situation is unique, but our team is ready to support you as you find the healing you deserve. Take the first step now by calling us at 855.282.4819 or connecting with us online for an appointment.