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group therapy programOne of the adverse effects of drug or alcohol addiction is the isolation that it creates. People tend to abuse drugs or alcohol behind closed doors to avoid the criticism of their friends and family. Also, addiction can be so overpowering that it becomes the sole priority for those addicted. People miss out on important life events so that they can continue their destructive behavior.

If you are battling an addiction and want to retake control of your life, the group therapy programs at our Symetria Recovery centers in Illinois and Texas can equip you with the skills and strategies for long-lasting recovery. Our friendly team can answer any of your questions about group therapy and its benefits. Participating in group therapy may be the right level of care that you need for a successful recovery.

Overview of a Group Therapy Program

A group therapy program gives people the opportunity to share their emotions and experiences in an open and honest environment. A skilled facilitator or counselor oversees the group, using specific therapeutic strategies to keep everyone focused on constructive growth and healthy interactions. These sessions may have a specific objective or an overarching goal that stretches across several weeks or months.

A typical goal in a group therapy program may focus on improving communication skills. Often, when you are in the midst of an addiction, poor communication becomes a barrier between you and the people that care about you. When you are working through the group therapy program at Symetria Recovery, you will practice communication techniques that will be useful for you in treatment and beyond.

Benefits of Group Therapy

As you participate in group therapy sessions, you gain insights from people who understand exactly what you are going through. These people become a valuable resource as a support network to help you when recovery becomes difficult.

Additional benefits of group therapy for addiction include:

  • Witness the recovery of others – When you see that others are overcoming similar addiction hurdles, it gives you hope that you can achieve your treatment goals as well.
  • Provide structure and discipline – Group therapy gives you the responsibilities and obligations that you may have avoided to use drugs or alcohol. There are established rules and consequences in group therapy that give structure and discipline to your life.
  • Receive honest feedback – You will receive feedback during group therapy sessions that will give you a more accurate picture of yourself and your recovery. Constructive criticism from people that you respect can have a significant impact on your addiction treatment.
  • Become part of a community – Therapy groups can be a source of nurturing and support that group members may not have access to otherwise. Interaction with the group develops social skills and may help you learn healthy ways to get along with family members and other people outside of their therapy group.
  • Experiment with new skills – The communication skills that you learn in our group therapy program can be tried out during sessions. Other people in addiction treatment can be the perfect audience to use new communication strategies.

Connect with Others in Recovery with Group Therapy

At Symetria Recovery, our group therapy program gives people a chance to feel the support of others and learn from the recovery journeys of others. Our group therapy programs in Texas and Illinois create opportunities for honest and open sharing among people who understand addiction. If you are battling an addiction and are curious about our group therapy program, reach out to our team today. Contact Symetria Recovery now by calling 855.282.4819 or completing our secure online form. Become part of a community of recovery.