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Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a commonly used therapy in drug and alcohol addiction. It focuses on core concepts such as mindfulness, acceptance, and personal values. For many men and women, this is an essential tool in the recovery process. At Symetria Recovery, we recognize the value of acceptance and commitment therapy, a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. That’s why our team may use ACT as a component of your individualized treatment plan when appropriate for your care.

How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Can Help You

acceptance and commitment therapyAt the core of substance use is that this behavior is a method to provide relief or support when dealing with challenges. That is at the heart of ACT. A component of this therapy is helping a person to develop effective strategies for managing difficult situations.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Avoiding negative emotions that often lead to negative outcomes
  • Being mindful of thoughts and how they impact daily life
  • Recognizing and managing cravings in an effective way
  • Overcoming emotionally challenging situations without turning to substances
  • Working through painful experiences such as bodily sensations without using
  • Managing feelings in a productive and effective manner

ACT can help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction in various ways. Often, it is in these instances that a person is at the highest risk for using. Our goal, then, is to provide real-life scenario strategies to help you manage those situations meaningfully, helping to eliminate the pain you feel.

What to Expect in an ACT Program

To provide the best outcome, we use various simple exercises to help a person be mindful of what’s occurring. This includes learning the difference between thoughts and behaviors. When people become more aware of their inner experiences, they can make better decisions about their actions. In addition, by using various strategies, a person learns to act effectively even when they are facing challenging situations.

The core principles of this acceptance and commitment therapy are:

  • People naturally try to avoid negative inner experiences. That’s human nature.
  • To change behavior, a person needs to have clarity about their personal values and commitment.
  • It’s not always necessary to fight the feeling that we feel with a specific behavior. Instead, it is possible to observe that feeling but still act negatively.

Through a series of sessions, you’ll learn how to address each of these areas. Acceptance and commitment therapy is done in individual sessions with a therapist who will work very closely with you to understand what’s occurring in your situation. You’ll feel empowered and supported throughout this process.

ACT Is a Part of Our Comprehensive Care

Symetria Recovery offers a range of therapies and treatment options to support your recovery. We provide a respectful and supportive environment that aims to provide you with exceptional tools and resources. Here, you’ll understand why you are facing these challenges and how to build a successful life around them. ACT is one component, but we also offer a wide range of other therapies that may be used to support your recovery.

Some of or therapy options include:

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How does acceptance and commitment therapy fit into your treatment for drug and alcohol addiction? You may not be sure it is the right choice for you. At Symetria Recovery, we are committed to ensuring each therapy program you engage in is one that offers the tools and support you need specifically. You don’t have to wait for help. Call us today at 855.282.4819 or connect with us online. Learn more about why Symetria Recovery may be the right place for you to heal.