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Timothy Bohman

Timothy Bohman

Chief Operating Officer

As Symetria Health®’s Chief Operating Officer, Timothy Bohman is responsible for planning and implementing the company’s policies and objectives, executing growth strategies and managing marketing efforts.

Tim has over 20 years of experience working with opioid treatment programs and clinics. He previously served as Clinic Director for Lewin Clinics, Director of Development and Regional Director for National Specialty Clinics, and Regional Vice President for Acadia Healthcare and CRC Health Group. Tim also fostered key relationships with regulators and lobbyists to introduce legislative initiatives and defend best practices in addiction treatment.

Tim received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University, and is the past president of INTOD, Indiana’s OTP provider association and was a former board member of AATOD.

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We take the time to develop a comprehensive picture of each patient’s:

  • Personal history
  • Medical history
  • Home environment
  • Recovery needs
  • Personal strengths

This allows us to develop a comprehensive plan for an individualized road to recovery -- which the patient helps shape every step of the way. We believe that patients build confidence when they are invited to play active roles in their own care plans, and we encourage our patients to ask questions, share concerns, and provide input. This input helps patients, working together with their multidisciplinary personal care teams, shape a recovery plan that meets their individual goals.

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