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The Symetria Method is the only data proven system with 13x greater reduction of opioid use in published studies*

Dr.-Nazeer-Final-for-WebsiteMany of the choices available to you for treating substance use disorders have only certain services and approaches to care. These approaches may not be right for your individual needs, and you may need services that aren’t offered. Frustrated with treatment as usual, I searched for the most effective model of care and found it at Symetria! Finally, a comprehensive treatment program, with true proven outcomes, and individualized care.

Are you familiar with comorbidities?  Did you know that most substance use sufferers also suffer from a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD?  Whether someone is self-medicating that condition with substance use or the condition developed because of the substance use, it must be all addressed at the same time.  All of us have many layers and much history, good and bad. So, treatment needs to include all the things that make you, you. Otherwise, all we do is treat the symptoms and not the underlying issues. 

The Symetria Method is the only treatment program to combine Medication Assisted Treatment, (MAT), Psychiatric Services, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Therapy, Individual, Group and Family Counseling, Smart Recovery, Continuing Care, Support Groups and more - and, in a way that works around your work, family and school life.  

Our IOPs include Mindfulness Sobriety, Relapse Prevention Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Education and Aftercare and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  You might learn yoga and acupuncture practices.  Maybe, its music or spiritual development... so much available.  

Whatever your unique needs are and where they came from - whether its childhood trauma, PTSD, adverse reaction to prescription medications, or other experiences - I'm proud that there's finally a system to address it all.  No more partial treatments that don't meet all your needs. 

Per the American Society of Addiction Medicine National Quality Forum Standards for Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, Effective, evidence-based treatment for opioid addiction must include four basic elements: (pain-free) detoxification, MAT, rehabilitative counseling and continuing care.  Symetria will provide all of this and more.   

You will have the benefit of more advanced tools available to your treatment team such as cognitive testing for brain health, pharmacogenetic testing for those who failed previous medication trials, and much more.  

You deserve dignity, no judgement and a personalized care team for lasting recovery. That's the power of The Symetria Method.  Welcome to our family. 

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