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Your ENVIRONMENT affects your opioid addiction more than you think

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The misuse of opioids.

Most people don't know this, but the human body produces its own opioids. A majority of the time it is produced from excitement, love, sex, etc. However, there are forms of opioids that humans can take in unnaturally, such as drugs. The most popular drugs that are opioid heavy are drugs such as Oxycodone, Vicodin, Fentanyl and Heroin. Once the drugs are consumed, the receptors that connect with the natural opioids connect with the unnatural opioids. These unnatural opioids are extremely strong, so it is difficult to stop because the natural opioids your body produces won't be enough for your body to be satisfied. This is when prescription or street opioids start being misused. 

Environment social support is tremendous help.

Social support is a form of environment. Being around people who love, care, and ultimately have the best interest for others is an environment that is beneficial for everyone in it. This strongly applies for people who have an opioid addiction or Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Addiction recovery requires a strong type of support. If there is no environmental social support for those suffering from opioid addiction such as family connections, counselors, love, or even affection, it can be much harder to overcome. 

Family misuse can lead to your misuse. 

Many decisions made by one family member are made again by another family member because they duplicate behavior. This theory can be proven by family history and substance abuse within them. Opioid and alcohol addiction, for example, is very common among generational family members as behavior is learned. 

Adversity and abusive environments are a monstrous cause for opioid misuse.

In some or many stages of life, one may face abuse or adversity. Abuse or adversity can lead to a lack of a sense of love, care, etc. Since a sense of love and care are key elements that produce natural opioids within our body particularly for children, it is very important to note that a lack of this type of environment can lead to children finding an unnatural opioid as they grow up. A clear and obtainable form could be prescription or street substances that can lead to misuse.

Your environment can change.

There are many types of environments that people can grow into or change. People can grow in a loving and caring environment that can lead to many successes. However, there are many environments that can lead to someone's addiction or a severe addiction. No matter what the environment is or was, it is not permanent. If your environment is not helping you, change it. It can change. Help is available. 


If you think you or a loved one are suffering from OUD, seek treatment by contacting a medical professional

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