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Outpatient Care For Substance Use Recovery

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Many people suffering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) or Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) are reluctant to enter a recovery program because they feel it will completely disrupt their lives. They fear having to leave their jobs, their families, their responsibilities.


Outpatient care provides treatment that does not put an individual’s life on hold. It’s a discreet program that gives them the access to the treatment they need while still being able to live their lives.

  • You can continue to work or go to school
  • Your friends and family are available to support your treatment
  • You can schedule your treatment around your other commitments
  • You can stay at home
  • There are various treatment options that include:

During the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual outpatient sessions may also be available.


Outpatient treatment can be a good course of action if the individual:

  • Has family obligations
  • Does not need to be medically monitored beyond tapering
  • Has work, school, or other obligations that need to be met
  • Has a good outside support system

In the outpatient care setting, the substance dependent person in recovery is exposed to triggers that might have caused him or her to use opioids, heroin or other substances in the first place. A comprehensive recovery treatment program will provide mental, emotional, physical coping skills along with possible medications to deal with these triggers or cravings. 


Outpatient care is also more affordable than inpatient care because the individuals do not need 24-hour care, room and board.


Talk with your physician to determine whether you are a candidate for outpatient care and the specific treatment that might be appropriate for you.


Dale Willenbrink
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