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Introducing Cupajoe and Chats to GO

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 We are super jazzed about our new program series “Cupajoe & Chats to Go
featuring fun and interesting 45 sec-1:30 mini interviews with healthcare professionals in the community. 


In our first, Regional Executive Director Sara Lemke & Lakeview Program Director Casey Wegner discuss ways of addressing bothersome thoughts and urges that some may experience during their recovery journey. Casey shares with us how she teaches mindfulness to her patients. Mindfulness is about focusing on the physical moment and observing what is going around them. One tip Casey offers patients when they are feeling anxious, whether at home or at work, is to grab a piece of paper and pen. Put the pen in your non-dominant hand and write your name backwards. By doing so, you are able to leave your minds chatter behind while concentrating on the task. Patients become very observant of how they are writing their name and in doing so, they are able to escape racing thoughts.


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Cassandra Young
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