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How to Create a Daily Reflection Practice

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By Amber Reed, MSW, CADC, CODP I, RYT-200, CCTP, Symetria Recovery Counselor


Growth & Humanness

Growth stems from the courage to carve out time from our day and/or night to nourish our spirits, bodies and minds by just being within our humanness. You may be wondering what humanness is.

Humanness is being in touch with ourselves, authentically, unapologetically and a willingness to be vulnerable to our thoughts, emotions and our response to our environment.  Our humanness can be practiced in formal and informal practices in our daily lives, yet, a significant amount of us are lacking this time.


Daily Reflection Practice

When you find it difficult to schedule out time for your own humanness it is important to remember a daily reflection practice can be cultivated throughout your own growth. So, no matter if you find yourself within your office, on your phone on a break, or pacing your floors trying to cope during this pandemic; try to find time to cultivate a daily reflection practice with either a pen and paper, on your yoga mat in Savasana, walking outside, or perhaps while you lie in bed before you sleep.

Reflection can take moments, or it can be a process of parsing through emotions or ruminating thoughts remaining from the day. However, you chose to tap into your humanness, recognize that it is in the benefit of understanding yourself, how you respond to your surroundings and how your surroundings may perceive you.

It is important to remember when cultivating a new habit consistency, willingness, and openness are key components. When we are willing to be open on a daily basis, we can find a deeper connection with our minds, bodies and our impact on our environment.  

Also, it is important to recognize that sometimes we will forget, avoid, and or lack the patience, in a given day, to check in with ourselves. It is perfectly understandable how our schedules can dictate what we do from the time we wake up until we fall asleep, and it is in these times that we need to be compassionate to ourselves. We are humans, not robots, so we do not get things right every time, nor should we be expected to. It is in our best interest to be honest with not only others, but ourselves about our imperfectness.

For those who want to begin to cultivate a reflection practice, yet have a difficult time understanding how or where to begin, here are some prompts to begin your own Daily Reflection Practice. Please use these as a mere guide to aid you in your quest for more humanness and self-realization:


  • What is your intention today?
  • Do you have goals you are working for?
  • Any barriers to your intention?


  • What motivates you in a positive way?
  • As simple as three words or a quote


  • What do you cherish in this moment?


  • What excites you about today?
  • How can you bring excitement to others?


  • How can you create space for gratitude?
  • How can you create space for the mind and body today?

Sunshine moments

  • What good things happened today?
  • What made you smile?
  • Did you make others smile?
  • How did you make others smile?

Body scan

  • How does your body feel today?
  • Do you have stress or tension within your body?
  • What have you done to benefit your body today?

Bedtime affirmation

  • What is a positive thought you can carry with you to sleep?


Not every prompt is necessary, or available to us every day due to prior commitments, exhausting ourselves mentally, or we may be under the weather. However this post may find you, it is hopeful it inspires you to be brave and explore the inner narrative you have constructed and perhaps any incongruities you may find along the way.


May you be well. May you happy. May you be peaceful. Namaste, friends.

Amber Reed
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