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Addressing and Healing Emotional Trauma

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Any type of trauma a person faces can damage their overall wellbeing and ability to live life to the fullest. Yet, many don’t realize the work that has to go into healing emotional trauma. Doing that during addiction recovery helps to give you a stronger way forward and less risk of relapse.

At Symetria Recovery, our trauma therapy program enables you to uncover what’s happened in your past and work to overcome it. Our therapists have years of experience with addressing and healing emotional trauma. If you feel that this type of program may be right for you, our Symetria Recovery team is ready to help.

Addressing Emotional Trauma

Many people struggle with trauma. Unfortunately, some do not recognize that they are even dealing with this issue. During therapy at Symetria Recovery, you’ll learn more about what’s happened to you and start working to uncover the pain it causes. Emotional trauma happens after a very stressful event happens, leaving a person struggling with their emotions, past, and often anxiety. They can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Some type of violence such as child abuse or rape
  • The suicide of a loved one
  • Natural disaster exposure such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or fires
  • Watching a loved one struggle with physical abuse
  • Watching a loved one die
  • Combat experiences

What’s happened to you that could be impacting you today? During therapy, you’ll be able to open up about these issues. At Symetria Recovery, you’ll have ample privacy and incredible support. The goal is not to have you experience that pain again. Your therapist will not make you go through the trauma again.

Working Through Childhood Emotional Trauma

From neglect to abuse, many children face intense pain as a child. Unfortunately, they may not initially realize just how much they are facing until they are older. In emotional trauma, the brain doesn’t process what’s occurred properly. Instead, it tucks those memories of pain back into their mind. Yet, it still bothers a person.

For example, you may fear certain people or may not want to go back to your childhood home. You may have painful memories of an event that reoccur, like flashbacks. You remember every detail. These are emotional traumas that require treatment for you to move beyond them.

Working through those memories and experiences enables the brain to properly process the experiences. The goal of this is to help stop the way past pain and damage is impacting you today, often years later. Some people who have this type of trauma turn to drugs and alcohol to soothe their memories and other symptoms. If you don’t work through the trauma then, it’s going to hurt your recovery from addiction. Therapy can open the door to changing your outcome. We offer a range of therapy types to do that, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family counseling services
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy programs

The goal is not to create more pain by thinking about what happened. Instead, it’s about creating a break from that past pain – which you can never change – to the way it impacts your future.

Explore the Options for Healing Emotional Trauma with Our Team

With comprehensive help, you can overcome the past pain you’ve felt and recover fully from your trauma. You have to take that first step in reaching out to a team that can support the process. Let’s do it together, with ample therapy to ensure you are more confident going forward. Check out some of our programs that can help you:

  • Medication-assisted recovery treatment
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Relapse prevention treatment

Begin the Healing Process with Symetria Recovery Today

There are many steps to your drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Healing emotional trauma is one component of it. That takes hard work and the right therapies. Let the team at Symetria Recovery guide you through the whole process. Get started with treatment today – we can often start helping you feel better today. Call [Direct] or connect with our team online now.

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