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Are You Concerned You May Be Overusing or Becoming Dependent on Drugs or Alcohol?

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It can be difficult to recognize when our alcohol or drug use is becoming problematic, especially in ourselves. At Symetria Recovery, our team believes that talking with trained professionals is a healthy step to exploring what type of help you need. If you are wondering if your use may be problematic, take a moment to complete our secure and confidential self-assessment quiz. Once you have completed the self-assessment below, you are welcome to reach out to our team by calling 855.282.4819 or chat with us now. Otherwise, we will reach out to you just as soon as possible. We can then begin a thorough evaluation to ensure that our programs are right for you.

Please note: This is a general assessment tool and does not serve as a formal diagnostic and is not meant to be interpreted as medical advice. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911.

In order to best evaluate your current situation please complete all questions below.
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Do you frequently turn to substance use to cope with feelings of depression, anxiety or anger?*
Are you frequently dishonest or tried to hide your drinking or drug use?*
Do you experience issues with the legal system that are related to your alcohol or drug use?*
Do you feel as though you are unable to enjoy yourself without using drugs or alcohol?*
Do you feel you are unable to get through the week without using drugs or alcohol?*
Do people close to you ever complain or show concern regarding your drug or alcohol use?*
Has your drug or alcohol use damaged your relationship with friends or family?*
Has your drug or alcohol use interfered with your work or educational goals?*
When not using, do you often find yourself obsessing about drugs or alcohol?*
Have you ever experienced medical issues (blackouts, loss of consciousness, or other physical symptoms) that you believe may be related to your drug or alcohol use?*
Have you ever been in an accident or injured as a result of using drugs or alcohol?*
Have you ever attempted to stop using drugs or alcohol but were unsuccessful?*
Have you ever found yourself choosing drug or alcohol use over personal or financial responsibilities such as paying bills or attending to household duties?*
Over time, have you experienced the need to consume more of a drug or alcohol in order to achieve the same effect?*
Do you ever experience physical sickness whenever you stop using substances?*
Have you ever experienced an overdose or came close to overdosing?*
If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you owe it to yourself to see how Symetria Recovery can help you. We are only a phone call or online inquiry away.