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man searches through drug slang glossaryDrug and alcohol use is recognized as a high risk to health and well-being. Of course, there are many drugs that are illegal to buy and sell as well. These are just a few of the reasons why slang for drugs developed. Yet, the drug street names out there are so many and so hard to understand that it can be hard to know if your loved one is using. With the addiction treatment resources from Symetria Recovery, you can learn to identify when your loved one is struggling with drug abuse or addiction. If you feel they are, our addiction treatment programs can help.

Common Drug Street Names You Should Know

Keep in mind these are just a few of the many terms used to describe these drugs. Some common drug street names include:

  • Amphetamines: bam, benz, beans, leapers, whiffle dust, snaps, cartwheels, co-pilot, and head drugs
  • Cocaine: All-American Drug, baby powder, gold dust, heave dust, powder, dream, and devil’s dandruff
  • Crack cocaine: applejack, black rock, freebase, Casper the Ghost, blowcaine, moon rock, white sugar, white ball
  • Fentanyl: Apache, Chinatown, dragon’s breath, goodfella, king ivory, murder 8, dance fever, tango & cash
  • Heroin: A-bomb, bad seed, black pearl, chocolate balls, dope, brown sugar, birdie powder, Charlie horse, fairy dust
  • LSD: Acid, blue sky, blue mountain, grey shields, Hawaiian sunshine, windowpane, sunshine, golf balls, crystal tea
  • Methamphetamine: Aqua, miss girl, soap dope, hot ice, Crisco, flowers, witches teeth, yellow bam, Mexican crack, walking zombie

Also, bear in mind each of these drugs has numerous other nicknames and slang terms associated with them.

Other Names for Drugs

A few more common names for drugs include:

  • Percocet: Blue, Hillbilly heroin, kickers, M-30s, Percs, and rims
  • Ritalin: kibbles and bits
  • Xanax: Bicycle handlebars, planks, zanies, zanbars, sticks, and z-bars
  • Oxycodone: Beans, blue, buttons, whites, oxy, OCs, and 30s
  • PCP: Alien sex fiend, angel hair, angel poke, busy bee, butt naked, wobble weed, zombie, yellow fever, and dust joint

It may also be important to understand slang for drugs. For example, a person who is using cocaine may be called a hardliner, snowbird, or a coke hound. Those who are using ecstasy may be called a cuddle puddle (when more than one person is using together), peeper, or thizz face. Those using marijuana are sometimes called an airhead, hash head, herbivore, druggie, doper, or pothead.

Heroin users are sometimes called channel swimmers, cotton shooter, dinosaurs, poison people, and sleepwalker. Some may use the terms blow, getting well, cook down, or crankbustin as a way to describe the use of this drug. Giving wings is a term used to describe teaching someone how to use heroin. Cooking is a term used to describe the process of preparing heroin so that it can be injected for use.

Recognize the Need for Professional Help

Drug street names may be something you’re trying to learn to find out if your loved one is using them. Perhaps you are unsure of the next steps. Let Symetria Recovery help you. We offer a range of therapy programs and treatment plans that may help you overcome addiction for good.

Some of our programs include:

  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient treatment programs
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment programs
  • Relapse prevention programs

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Understanding slang for drugs may be important in some situations. However, what’s most important is getting help. If you or your loved one is battling addiction, let our professionals at Symetria Recovery help you. With a wide range of therapy programs and outstanding supportive services, we’re here for you. Find the care you need in a space where you’ll never feel judged. Give us a call at 855.282.4819 or connect with us now online.