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Dr. Abid Nazeer Appointed to Chief Medical Officer of Symetria Health

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It is my honor and pleasure to announce that Dr. Abid Nazeer has accepted the appointment of Chief Medical Officer for Symetria Health. Since joining our organization in May of 2017, Dr. Nazeer has continually demonstrated passion and dedication in managing the psychiatric care of our patients, thus assisting in our efforts to ensure better outcomes. He has been instrumental in the team’s contracting efforts with insurances companies, participated in presentations across the country, and assisted in critical communications. In addition, Dr. Nazeer brings a focus for the integration of technology, helping advance Symetria with the implementation of genetic testing, medical devices, and telepsychiatry.


In his new role as Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nazeer will continue to provide effective psychiatric care in the Illinois clinics, as well as take on additional responsibilities of overseeing and liaising with our medical staff. He will facilitate and lead clinical discussions with the team, set policy, and ensure the documentation is consistent across the organization, allowing Symetria to continue to collect internal data that will be analyzed and provide statistical support for our mission. Additionally, Dr. Nazeer will be actively involved in recruiting new physicians and psychiatrists to help support our growth and the quality of services we provide to our patients.


I’m incredibly excited for Dr. Nazeer to start his new role working together for the benefit of our patients, breaking the cycle of relapse, and ultimately achieving lasting sobriety.



Chris Hassan, Symetria Health CEO

January 11, 2019


Abid Nazeer

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