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Chris Hassan, Symetria Health® CEO and President of State of the Art Opioid Treatment Centers Will Reveal Encouraging Data About Symetria’s Superior Outcomes and High Recovery Rates As Well As Eliminating Obstacles to Evidence Based Treatment

COLLEGE STATION, TX (April 16, 2018)-  Addiction treatment provider Symetria Health® will host a town hall style symposium on Monday April 23 at 6:30 in room 601 Rudder Hall at Texas A & M University in College Station.  Symetria is combating the opioid epidemic through its innovative comprehensive, integrated model of evidence-based treatment modalities with all forms of medication assisted therapy and outpatient in order to meet patients where they are at in the recovery journey. Chris Hassan, CEO and founder of Symetria will kick off the symposium at 6:30 with a presentation to the Texas A&M School of Pharmacy providing a detailed presentation on opioid use disorder and the high recovery rates and superior outcomes achieved with Symetria’s medication assisted therapy and intensive outpatient service combination.  

After Hassan’s in depth exploration of these evidence based practices, renowned professional skateboarder, author, MTV host and national recovery advocate Brandon Novak will discuss his journey from addiction to recovery, his upcoming book and how he manages his recovery day to day.  Following both speakers, a panel will be moderated by national recovery advocate and author Ryan Hampton and include Hassan and Novak. Also on the panel will be Gerald C. Fraas, national president for Students for Opioid Solutions who will answer questions about their prevention campaigns and naloxone trainings as well as Dr. Joy Alonzo, RPH, MEng, Pharm.D., from the Rangel College of Pharmacy at Texas A & M.  The panel will then take questions from the audience. A naloxone training will be given at the start and finish of the evening by Operation Naloxone.

“We are thrilled to have Symetria host a symposium that explores what constitutes better more effective treatment as well as why there are obstacles to providing what works.  Symetria has not only developed a superior treatment method, they have successfully deployed it right here in College Station to assist students and families struggling with opioid addiction.  We want everyone to know what’s available, where to get it and to embrace treatment and recovery in our community eliminating shame and stigma,” said Gerald C. Fraas, president of Students For Opioid Awareness, the student advocacy and education group that is hosting the on campus event.

Encouraging Data From Symetria:

As most opioid patients don’t respond nor score on the ASAM assessment to require residential care, the Symetria Method®, focuses on an individualized treatment program that focuses on treatment the entire patient with a full range of behavioral health services complimented with on site medical and psychiatric professionals all working as a single team.  “As many providers say they offer medically assisted therapy (MAT), this usually results in prescribed buprenorphine. At Symetria we provide addiction treatment assisted by medication- which makes a huge difference in outcomes” said Hassan.

As a result of seeing “treatment as usual” fail patients and the opioid epidemic consume the country, three visionary treatment professionals joined together to create the most effective treatment program to reverse the tide.  Chris Hassan, CEO whose experience included co-founder of Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc as well as developmental work on depot naltrexone and CEO of the nation’s second largest provider of opioid treatment, Colonial Management Group. While working on patenting technology to prevent diversion and abuse of opioids, Hassan launched the process that would result in acquiring a small treatment clinic in Chicago to launch Symetria. Thus, Symetria was born and has since opened three treatment centers in Texas including one in College Station.

Symetria has proven to be superior to conventional treatment as illustrated by :

  • Decrease in opiate use over thirteen fold greater than published studies of buprenorphine prescribing
  • Significant decrease in hospitalization for patients in treatment at Symetria
  • Significant decrease in emergency room visits for patients in treatment
  • Drug screen results at six months ten fold superior than published studies showing superior outcomes for patients seeking treatment with Symetria

These results are driven in large part by a treatment combining medical, psychiatric and behavioral health professionals working together as a unified treatment team.

“As one of the founders of the organization that launched Suboxone in 2003, I have seen the opioid abuse market change and grow while the treatment models remain the same.  Rather than blame the patients for their struggles, we decided to change the treatment to serve patients seeking effective care to support their efforts. Symetria used the extensive experiences of the leadership team in combination with all the data and evidence in the field of addiction that the Surgeon General had curated as effective.   A model that deployed those principles as accessible and cost effective was born–,” said Symetria CEO Chris Hassan. “The meaning behind better outcomes is lives saved, families re-united, children returned home, and suffering and devastation reduced.”

Obstacles to Evidence Based Treatment:

In 2016, the Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health stated that in order for treatment to be effective, it must care for various unique needs of the individual and not just his or her drug addiction. Most importantly it concluded that three medications– methadone, buprenorphine and/or naltrexone, combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, individual and group counseling, is highly effective as a treatment modality to bring a patient from full blown chronic opioid addiction to  recovery. Shockingly, according to SAMSHA research data from 2016, only 2.7% of more than 12,000 addiction treatment providers nationwide offer the three currently approved evidenced based medications used in the treatment of opioid use disorder. Symetria clinics offer all three medications with treatment experts working with patients to determine which medications will work best for that individual at that point in their treatment combined with behavioral therapy in an outpatient setting. Symetria not only offers a customized treatment plan based on this accepted standard, its systemic approach is showing superior and encouraging outcomes for patients to achieve a successful remission and recovery from their opioid addiction.  

Symetria’s long term outpatient program gives patients the intense treatment necessary from stabilization to daily or weekly outpatient care and post program relapse prevention. Symetria has refined and developed the Symetria Method® which is a treatment program that brings all outpatient care modalities delivered by one team of opioid specialists. The Symetria Method® is the clinical gold standard that shows how to convene a multi-disciplinary team and devise a treatment plan for a patient suffering from opioid addiction using all forms of behavioral therapy and any of the three proven craving reduction medications if necessary.  Additionally, the integration of psychiatric services in this care team elevates the outcomes for patients as research shows that 70% of opioid patients have comorbid psychiatric illnesses that trigger addiction relapse when untreated.

Attendance is free, however seating is limited.  Please pre-register here: