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CHICAGO, IL (July 2, 2018)– Addiction treatment provider Symetria Health® will rebrand the Soft Landing addiction treatment centers in the full completion of the rebranding and expansion that started in 2016. Soft Landing, an Illinois area treatment provider for many years merged with Symetria Health®, the nation’s leading opioid addiction provider treatment with superior outcomes two years ago and will now operate as Symetria Recovery® in the Chicago area. Symetria opened additional treatment sites in Joliet, and Palos Heights bringing the total number of facilities seeing patients in the greater Chicago to six. Nationally, Symetria Health® will have a multi-state network of 18 sites by the end of the year.

The name “Symetria” is indicative of the balanced approach that combines addiction medicine, psychiatry, psychological counseling, relapse prevention and recovery support for patients as a single comprehensive treatment center. The interdisciplinary teams at Symetria create an individualized treatment plan for each patient that integrates all aspects of the clinical care spectrum for opioid addiction and delivers that treatment in a single clinic by a unified treatment team.. This comprehensive approach delivered in an outpatient setting that allows a patient to continue to work, be among family and develop a support network is revealing superior outcomes to almost all other modalities.

“Since taking Soft Landing Recovery in this direction just over two years ago, Symetria Health® has worked diligently to develop a comprehensive evidence-based treatment program that is data validated – The Symetria Method®,” said Chris Hassan, Chief Executive Officer of Symetria Health®. “Our new name and The Symetria Method® reflect our balanced approach to addiction treatment and our Symetria Recovery® clinics are specifically designed to bridge gaps that often exists between the medical and behavioral communities by supporting our patients with one integrated addiction-certified clinical care team..”

Symetria Health® built on Soft Landing’s existing expertise in treating opioid addiction and refined services to implement the Symetria Method®, TM, which uses medication assisted treatment in an outpatient setting for several months. The Symetria Method® has a special emphasis on the behavioral health services which accompany the regimen of medications used to treat opioid cessation. The Symetria Method® dispenses the medication on site to address the problem of diversion and to make sure that a patient is compliant with the counseling and behavioral health elements of their individual treatment plan. Symetria’s treatment program offers all outpatient care modalities delivered by one team of opioid specialists. The Symetria Method® is the clinical gold standard that shows how to convene a multi-disciplinary team and devise a treatment plan for a patient suffering from opioid addiction using all forms of evidence based behavioral therapy and any of the three proven craving reduction medications if necessary. Additionally, the integration of psychiatric services in this care team elevates the outcomes for patients as research shows that 70% of opioid patients have comorbid psychiatric illnesses that trigger addiction relapse when untreated.

Symetria has proven to be superior to conventional treatment as illustrated by :

  • – Decrease in opiate use over thirteen fold greater than published studies of buprenorphine prescribing
  • – Significant decrease in hospitalization for patients in treatment at Symetria
  • – Significant decrease in emergency room visits for patients in treatment
  • – Drug screen results at six months ten fold superior than published studies showing superior outcomes for patients seeking treatment with Symetria

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