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Staff Counselor at Symetria RecoveryBy now, we’ve all witnessed commercials on tv, radio and social media channels regarding telehealth and virtual therapy services. We may have already taken advantage – whether for diagnosis of a sore throat for which a doctor can listen to or see your symptoms on your computer or phone.  The doctor can then call in a script or make further recommendations, and you go on your way.  It’s easy, costs less than an urgent care visit, has lower chance of exposure to other illnesses, and its fast.

New users to virtual care are asking themselves, why haven’t I done this before? How else can I use this service?  For those with health concerns that include addictions, substance use disorders, anxiety, depression and other behavioral and mental health issues, virtual outpatient therapy can be a new way to knock down deterrents or barriers once felt.  Many people suffer from comorbidities.  This means they suffer from more than one condition or disease at once – such as depression and addiction.  We have so many layers to us. Why would just one style of treatment appeal to us?

5 Reasons Why Virtual Therapy Is Here to Stay and Growing:

virtual addiction therapy

  1. Can do it from anywhere you have a phone, computer or digital device – its CONVENIENT!
  2. Can do it at all hours day and night – more convenience and access!
  3. Safety Barrier – the idea of getting in the car, to go into an office or walking into a facility sometimes seems as daunting as the session itself.  There might just be something about having that device between me and my counselor that lowers my anxiety to talk about, well, my anxiety… and other topics.
  4. Keeps cost down.  Research suggests that virtual therapy may greatly reduce healthcare costs. Therapists may charge less because they have fewer overhead costs. As telehealth can improve access, it can potentially reduce long-term costs, as a person may get the care they need and experience fewer serious health issues.
  5. Virtual therapy is a wonderful compliment to other treatments you may need such as medically assisted treatment for addiction, group counseling or individual counseling.  You might prefer and benefit further from a combination of in-person and virtual contact to feel fully connected while enjoying a reassuring level of accessibility to your care team.  

Symetria Recovery recently introduced Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programming (vIOP) to our array of treatment options to assist our patients in addressing their substance use disorders (SUD). Our vIOP allows for patients to receive 9 hours per week of counseling in a virtual setting anywhere they have access to the internet allowing for patients to easily access the quality of care they are accustomed to receiving at any of our physical locations via the internet. This new program only requires a computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet browser. There is no software download and is hosted in a secure cloud environment. Our vIOP programs are HIPAA compliant, covered by insurance, and fall under our CARF Accreditation.

We help 88% of patients recover from opioid addiction. Symetria Recovery is the leader in the personalized, complete recovery care system of evidence-based treatment through outpatient opioid, heroin and alcohol (all substance abuse) treatment centers committed to providing state-of-the-art, whole-person care, not just the addictive or dependency behavior. Its unique approach to dependency is known as The Symetria Method. This method combines medication-assisted treatment (MAT), psychiatry, and support from a single treatment team of behavioral health, medical and psychiatric professionals to reduce the risk of relapse and give patients sustainable results.

Symetria Recovery’s highly-successful outcomes have been validated by an independent, retrospective analysis of more than 1.5 billion commercial claims from 3+ million OUD patients for the past five years. The analysis demonstrated superior results on all metrics when compared with treatment as usual.

Symetria Recovery currently operates six locations in Illinois (Des Plaines, Highland Park, Joliet, Lakeview/Chicago, Naperville and Palos Heights) and six in Texas (College Station, Fort Worth, Hurst, Jersey Village, Lewisville and Spring).

To help patients suffering from a substance use disorder find facilities that deliver quality treatment and care, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) recognizes all six of Symetria Recovery’s Illinois locations with its Blue Distinction® Center for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery (BDC Substance Use Treatment and Recovery) designation – a new designation under the Blue Distinction Specialty Care program.

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