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At Symetria Recovery, We Believe in Treating the Whole Person, Not Just the Dependency or Addictive Behavior

Symetria Recovery philosophyUnfortunately, a majority of people who complete addiction treatment end up relapsing. The rate of relapse is even higher for people who are battling opioid addiction. This creates a cycle of treatment-relapse-treatment where the same people are constantly moving into and out of costly, inconvenient, and ultimately, ineffective rehab centers. However, this endless cycle can be stopped with effective addiction treatment designed for each person’s needs.
At Symetria Recovery, we are passionately committed to providing an evidence-based recovery treatment with an individualized focus on you.

The Symetria Method Explained

ongoing care for opioid addictionWe call our pioneering, evidence-based approach to opioid and alcohol addiction recovery treatment the Symetria Method. The Symetria Method combines customized MAT and behavioral counseling in an outpatient setting at our Symetria Recovery treatment centers. This groundbreaking method is proven to break the cycle of relapse and restores you to health and happiness. You enjoy a multidisciplinary team approach with your own physician, psychiatrist, nurse, counselor, and other specialists. This type of team approach allows us to treat all the physical, psychological, and emotional components of your substance use, dependency, or addiction.

Outpatient Treatment at Symetria Recovery

Outpatient treatment is an essential dimension of our philosophy and treatment approach. As our substance use specialists have repeatedly observed, inpatient rehabilitation centers can “set a patient up” for relapse by providing then abruptly removing medical and psychological support structures. These rehabilitation centers can also be costly and difficult to access, especially for patients who cannot leave work or family while undergoing treatment.
By providing care on an outpatient basis, our Symetria Recovery treatment centers provide both access to and the effectiveness of recovery treatment you receive. Our unique blend of outpatient MAT and counseling, plus ongoing care access, is proven to reduce the risk of relapse and give you the best possible chance of achieving lasting sobriety.

Our View on Relapse

At Symetria Recovery, we know there may be a relapse along the way to long-term recovery. We won’t kick you out because our team understands that relapse is part of the recovery process. You are welcome to continue with your recovery journey team to the next part of understanding and treating all of you. That’s just part of our judgment-free care, driven by focusing on your unique needs. We got you.

A Comprehensive View of You

The main idea behind our philosophy is that you deserve to be respected and understood throughout the addiction treatment process. Part of our role is to understand you as a complete person, not just your substance use. This information helps us to provide complete care that is specifically suited to your needs. We can’t wait to get to know your:

  • Personal history
  • Medical history
  • Home environment
  • Recovery needs
  • Personal strengths

This allows us to develop a comprehensive plan for your road to recovery — you help shape your every step of the way. We believe that patients build confidence when they are invited to play active roles in their own care plans, and we encourage you to ask questions, share concerns, and provide input. This input helps you, working together with your multidisciplinary personal care team, shape a recovery plan that meets your specific goals. At Symetria Recovery, there’s no cookie-cutter approach. It’s all about you.

Discover More About Our Symetria Recovery Philosophy

At Symetria Recovery treatment centers, our team believes that a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment is the most effective method to help our patients. We also feel that respect and dignity is mandatory for patients to achieve their treatment goals, so we treat you as if you are part of our extended family. Learn more from our friendly and knowledgeable team today by calling 855.282.4819 or completing our secure online form.